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Regard whitespace Rev 6 → Rev 5

27,9 → 27,7
if exist NWSanta.grp del /f /q NWSanta.grp
if not exist nw_plus\ goto nodir
if not exist duke3d.grp Warning: You don't have Duke3D.grp in your directory.
if not exist nw_plus\NWINTER.GRP (
if exist NWINTER.GRP move /y NWINTER.GRP nw_plus\
if exist NWINTER.GRP move NWINTER.GRP nw_plus\
cd nw_plus
if not exist NWINTER.GRP goto nonwgrp
119,9 → 117,8
if not exist nwl6.ips goto noips
if not exist nwl7.ips goto noips
if not exist nwl8.ips goto noips
md nw_preserve
if exist nwl*.map move /y nwl*.map nw_preserve\
if exist ..\nwl*.map move /y ..\nwl*.map nw_preserve\
if exist nwl*.map del /f /q nwl*.map
if exist ..\nwl*.map del /f /q ..\nwl*.map
utils\windows\win32\kextract.exe NWINTER.GRP E2L*.MAP
ren E2L1.MAP
ren E2L2.MAP
150,6 → 147,14
if exist nwflag*.h266 del /f /q nwflag*.h266
echo Do not delete this file! You will be force to reinstall NW+ and repatch the maps. >nwflag%nwver%.h266
attrib +r nwflag%nwver%.h266
del /f /q nwl1.ips
del /f /q nwl2.ips
del /f /q nwl3.ips
del /f /q nwl4.ips
del /f /q nwl5.ips
del /f /q nwl6.ips
del /f /q nwl7.ips
del /f /q nwl8.ips
echo Patching complete!