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                   | Polymost HRP Override Pack for EDuke32 |
                   |                by LeoD                 |
                   |     Repository Snapshot >= 5.4.675     |

This file contains updated data for the Duke3D High-Resolution Pack (HRP). 
It features an updated Polymost HRP for use with the EDuke32 Polymost renderer
on top of the default Polymer HRP.

Basically, this means: First get the full HRP 5.4 (r5.4.674), the latest update
pack (if available), then this file.

It is possible to run the Polymost HRP without this pack, using the EDuke32
command line option -hduke3d_hrp_polymost.def. But this won't work correctly in
conjunction with mods like DukePlus or Attrition, as well as addons like
DukeDC, NWinter, and Vacation.

"Why still using the Polymost HRP?"
The Polymer HRP textures have additional normal and specular maps whereas that
information is already "baked" into the Polymost HRP textures (and therefore
somewhat specific to their occurrence in the original levels).

If you can't run Polymer at all (or have to turn off those features in the
configuration file) then the normal and specular information is lost and the
remaining diffuse textures won't look as intended.
-> You'd be better off using the Polymost HRP.

If Polymer renderer/HRP performance sucks even after tuning the EDuke32
configuration file, try running the Polymer renderer but use the Polymost HRP.
This should run faster and reduce loading times and memory usage, too, while
you might still be able to profit from features like point lights, shadows,
glowing fire/health atoms and, of course, TROR (True Room Over Room).

Quite some of the newer textures which are not only "polymerized" but remade
from scratch have brought some change of style to the HRP IMO. If you can't run
Polymer/Polymer HRP anyway this might be an argument for the Polymost HRP, too.

Drop the HRP Override Pack into the autoload folder within your EDuke32
installation folder like the HRP zipfile itself.
It should be used automatically, but note that autoload contents is recognized
in alphabetical order ( takes precedence over, so check the file
names if something seems wrong.
Deleting "textures" and "textures.cache" a.k.a. "texturecache" and
"texturecache.index" after changes in the autoload folder is recommended.

This override pack is meant for the HRP v5.4 (=r5.4.674)!

Duke in D.C. HRP (v1.62):
To avoid a messed up level stat screen, simply rename this pack from
duke3d_polymost* to dukedc_polymost*, so it gets recognized after the DC HRP.

- You can check the Duke3D mod thread over at the forums:

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  Tea Monster - model conversion
  Roma Loom   - backporting Polymer textures

  Other stuff by LeoD ........