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727 45d 23h leod / UNIX newlines for *.def, *.mhk, *.txt  
726 46d 1h leod / Maphacks : tile comment consistency fix #3  
725 46d 7h leod / Maphacks : tile comment consistency fix #2  
724 47d 3h leod / Maphacks : Fix some more autodetected issues; start fixing tile comment consistency  
723 47d 5h leod / Maphacks : Fix some upper/lower case DEF issues  
722 92d 22h leod / ...Finally: rearranging maphack tokens for great justice!  
721 93d 0h leod / Maphacks: last touches before ...  
720 93d 0h leod / scale scale  
719 103d 2h leod / Maphacks : move up 'Author' entries in *.mhk  
718 103d 2h leod / Maphacks : prepare for scripted patching; DEFs :http -> https  
717 104d 22h leod / Maphacks : Fix some more autodetected issues  
716 111d 5h leod / Maphacks : move up 'author' entries in *_mhk.def  
715 112d 0h leod / Maphacks : Fix some errors and non-errors, found by mhk parser; notmd3 = notmd2 = notmd; nomd3anim = nomd2anim = nomdanim  
714 141d 2h leod / Voxel Pack fallout: rescale or rename some items;
hrp_extract.bash: auto-mode recognises dukegdx.def, avoid multiple file extractions
713 141d 2h leod / Maphacks : E4L11 - re-enable hiding dispswitch2; cosmetics  
712 297d 23h leod / 4369 (light) texture for "notmd" maphack, derived from 4369 model skin  
711 298d 0h leod / Maphacks: ZERO, + some housekeeping;
hrp_extract: improve Voxel Pack handling
710 411d 8h leod / hrp_extract : major overhaul, change extension to "bash"

Rename Metropolitan MHKs
DEFs: remove TABs
- work on CON and GRP files as well, recognize "setdefname"
- AUTO Mode:
- extract complete mod, start at EDUKE.CON|GAME.CON|duke3d.def, respectively
- also search DUKE3D.GRP
- Speedup on Windows by using Bash's internal regex engine
- New "HRPTYPE"s: maphacks, voxels, auto
709 423d 11h leod / Maphacks: 20th Anniv. World Tour Ep.5, MSSP9, Shocking Twist  
708 431d 8h leod / Fix incomplete r703, update extraction

I should actually use the tools I created to avoid this very type of issues...

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