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573 2415d 11h leod /E1L1.mhk Prepare conditional branching in duke3d_hrp.def: introduce duke3d_hrp_polymer.def;
#4386: scale up to correct lenght, still looks ugly in most user maps;

UserMaphacks: Just another Christmas, Snow, NWinter part1, MHK reviews
507 2538d 13h leod /E1L1.mhk Polymost HRP : re-add old HUD health bottle;
Maphacks : fix copy-pasted typo - d'oh!
483 2625d 13h leod /E1L1.mhk Polymost HRP : use 5099_d - 5104_d; E1L1/5 maphack fixes; SALINE.mhk  
466 2643d 13h leod /E1L1.mhk 1.3D maphacks: done; E1L1.mhk: fix clipping multiplayer shotgun  
454 2646d 8h leod /E1L1.mhk Polymost : use 4274_d.png; Minor maphack stuff  
413 2740d 8h leod /E1L1.mhk E1L1.mhk, E1L2.mhk commented and reformatted to allow for scripted patching

Well, it's not likely that this will happen some time, tbh., but you never know.
412 2753d 10h leod /E1L1.mhk Maphacks: add line feed at the end of *.mhk files Attrition<>Polymost HRP compatibility patch to prevent EDuke32 crashes. (Current Attrition: 1.40; current EDuke32: r3146)
292 3025d 17h nightfright /E1L1.mhk Revised: Rotation correction for models (by Tea Monster) / revised: full maphacks revision / added: 707/708 pal7 (re-added because autotint won't work)  
279 3174d 10h nightfright /E1L1.mhk Updated: E1M1.mhk  
252 3313d 16h nightfright /E1L1.mhk Updated: E2L7.mhk (Polymer lights by Micky C), #2492, 2493, 2498, 2499 (new menu items by Steveeeie - backups of previous #2493 included), ice.def (minor fixes)  
136 3602d 12h nightfright /E1L1.mhk Modified: #360, 361, 363  
10 3887d 14h parkar /E1L1.mhk Merged the last changes from the old HRP svn repository.

Removed the Change log part of the read me as it is probably not going to be possible to keep it up to date anyway (it's already missing a ton of changes I have done). Better to compile such a set of changes from the SVN revisions when releasing an official pack.
6 4014d 12h parkar /E1L1.mhk better looking lighting in the apartment room in the corner on e1l1.  
1 4026d 9h plagman /E1L1.mhk Initial revision. Copies everything from Parkar's private SVN server.