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675 2074d 10h leod /highres/ HRP 5.4 post-release update  
671 2139d 13h leod /highres/ DEFs: remove unnnecessary pal 0 parameter from normal, specular and glow maps;
UserMapHacks: WGDoom1, WG-Old1/2, Dark Place1/2
667 2173d 7h leod /highres/ #2264: zadd 1 to avoid flickering in Polymer;
UserMapHacks: catch up with recent releases (Kamikaze still pending though)
666 2197d 19h leod /highres/ #0336-0338: remove x/yscale;
Polymost: use new cranepole, move old crane skin;
Maphacks: Original Game's maphack review completed (E2L1-7)
665 2199d 13h loomsday /highres/ 1221 pole vert size fix, texture update  
663 2212d 16h leod /highres/ Polymost HRP: Polymost-only textures moved  
661 2218d 11h leod /highres/ *** Dang typo: Maphack DEF tokens implemented as of EDuke32 r4884 ***
Some Polymost-only items moved; Maphacks: E3L1,3,6, E4L9-11 reviewed; UserMapHacks: 666 episode, some *.mhk renamed
658 2260d 10h loomsday /highres/ #242 polymerized  
657 2264d 17h leod /highres/ 1250-1259 (steam/ceilingsteam): offset correction; PNGOUT opts;
Maphacks: E2L10, E2L11, E3L10 reviewed; further cleanup
656 2271d 12h leod /highres/ Polymost HRP: keep using old 1222 crane model; Polymost/Megaton override extraction revamped;
UserMapHacks: four recent releases
655 2271d 14h loomsday /highres/ tile #802 polymerized  
654 2278d 10h loomsday /highres/ #3394-96 polymerized  
653 2281d 10h loomsday /highres/ trivia: the old crane model was created on 10.24.2004, new version is a slight revamp to get rid of md2 jelly and horrible 1024x768 texture  
650 2301d 12h loomsday /highres/ simple specmap for tile #734
#876, #4202 polymerized
#3386 +norm +spec
649 2306d 19h loomsday /highres/ tile #348 +norm +spec  
646 2348d 10h leod /highres/ #4375, copied from #4374 (user maps only)
UserMapHacks: catching up with recent releases and updates, anf more
645 2362d 18h leod /highres/ UserMapHacks: catching up with recent releases (minus one) and updates, more KaiseR maps  
643 2392d 16h leod /highres/ Shotgun pickups #0028 (Polymer&Polymost) scaled down by a few percent;
UserMapHacks: Episodes ADG, Crucial Conflict, DaikariN, Lost Highway, WGSpace;
UserMapHacks: MHK header update part 1
642 2412d 18h leod /highres/ #1155 handprintswitch: flipped;
UserMapHacks: Duke Hard, Turok and others
641 2431d 9h leod /highres/ Add some newlines to DEFs for maintenance reasons; UserMapHacks  

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