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712 256d 17h leod /highres/ 4369 (light) texture for "notmd" maphack, derived from 4369 model skin  
710 370d 2h leod /highres/ hrp_extract : major overhaul, change extension to "bash"

Rename Metropolitan MHKs
DEFs: remove TABs
- work on CON and GRP files as well, recognize "setdefname"
- AUTO Mode:
- extract complete mod, start at EDUKE.CON|GAME.CON|duke3d.def, respectively
- also search DUKE3D.GRP
- Speedup on Windows by using Bash's internal regex engine
- New "HRPTYPE"s: maphacks, voxels, auto
708 390d 1h leod /highres/ Fix incomplete r703, update extraction

I should actually use the tools I created to avoid this very type of issues...
706 400d 18h leod /highres/ 0822 remvoved from textures_polymost again. (The interim plan had been to have both Polymost 0821/0821 at r1.)  
704 401d 14h leod /highres/ Polymost textures: update/restore 0821/0822 to r122 (PNGOUT processed)  
703 401d 14h leod /highres/ Proper props: pipes renamed  
699 1068d 17h leod /highres/ Fix for 'Christmas Tree Ornament' hands in Polymer by Tea Monster  
698 1162d 19h h266 /highres/ Eliminate redundant "nocompress nodownsize" in skybox definitions.  
697 1168d 12h h266 /highres/ Re-add v1.5 redfont files and defs, but leave it commented out.  
695 1336d 0h leod /highres/ Spec updates by Tea Mpnster for 2524_pistol, 2530_clip, 2532_cliphand;
UserMapHacks: def/mhk updates to support NightFright's Addon Pack v3.1
693 1371d 6h nightfright /highres/ Corrected parallaxbias/parallaxscale values for Slimer + Slimer Egg according to Mark's recommendations  
692 1371d 6h nightfright /highres/ Corrected specpower/specfactor values for Slimer + Slimer Egg according to Mark's recommendations  
691 1424d 20h leod /highres/ signs/switches : use some skins as testures if possible (130,131,170,171,4441,4442,4473;
UserMapHacks: def/mhk updates to support NightFright's Addon Compilation v3.0
688 1525d 16h leod /highres/ #1055 (film reel) animation fix by Mark. (

UserMapHacks : interim chckin - SSC only, and some unfinished stuff. Haven't worked on this for months and no continuation in sight.
686 1640d 4h leod /highres/ 0226.png moved to textures_polymost;
hrp_readme/todo updates;
UserMapHacks: new DestinyOfTheAliens, GoodsHD, ug_basis_cplx, FM3X (50% done), plus the usual blabla
685 1642d 0h loomsday /highres/ +heightmap  
684 1642d 5h loomsday /highres/ all of a sudden  
680 1698d 20h leod /highres/ #1057 (user maps only), 0551 'proper' glowmap; UserMapHacks: Vermin Clearance and more  
677 1781d 14h leod /highres/ #3380 (user maps only), derived from #0826; more UserMapHacks  
675 1804d 17h leod /highres/ HRP 5.4 post-release update  

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