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714 479d 8h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def Voxel Pack fallout: rescale or rename some items;
hrp_extract.bash: auto-mode recognises dukegdx.def, avoid multiple file extractions
710 749d 15h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def hrp_extract : major overhaul, change extension to "bash"

Rename Metropolitan MHKs
DEFs: remove TABs
- work on CON and GRP files as well, recognize "setdefname"
- AUTO Mode:
- extract complete mod, start at EDUKE.CON|GAME.CON|duke3d.def, respectively
- also search DUKE3D.GRP
- Speedup on Windows by using Bash's internal regex engine
- New "HRPTYPE"s: maphacks, voxels, auto
671 2249d 9h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def DEFs: remove unnnecessary pal 0 parameter from normal, specular and glow maps;
UserMapHacks: WGDoom1, WG-Old1/2, Dark Place1/2
572 2804d 7h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def Polymost HRP: add Luke model, use 0280_d;
PNGOUT optimizations;
UserMapHacks: The Storm, Ltlle Arctic; MHK reviews
570 2806d 10h spiker /highres/sprites/characters.def 1354 Luke Skywalker  
556 2820d 9h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def Polymost: use old terminator & new arm;
hrp_todo.txt added;
PNGOUT optimizations;
UserMapHacks: Lighthouse aka biglight, MHK revisions
554 2821d 12h spiker /highres/sprites/characters.def 1356-1357 terminator  
550 2824d 14h spiker /highres/sprites/characters.def Duke restored.  
549 2825d 7h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def 2013 Models update by Tea Monster : Cycloid, Duke, frozen Duke. (Frozen Duke model is technically wrong, but looks very icy.)
3240-3249 PNGOUT-optimized (alpha channel removed)
UserMapHacks: Castle Quest, MHK reviews
487 2987d 7h nightfright /highres/sprites/characters.def Fix for HUD scubagear alignment (now centered), minor cleanup for new Duke model code  
467 3028d 8h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def Cleanup ... restore babe glowmap definitions from characters.def r459  
465 3028d 12h spiker /highres/sprites/characters.def Some Duke fixes  
459 3030d 8h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def Polymost characters moved to characters_polymost; run PNGOUT on 1405* and new menu textures  
456 3030d 13h spiker /highres/sprites/characters.def  
455 3030d 14h spiker /highres/sprites/characters.def Duke and Cycloid  
437 3049d 4h leod /highres/sprites/characters.def tile4408 added to 4407 robot mouse model definition

UserMapHacks : Bank, Cathedral, Duke 12:12, Eye-Witness, Moonbase 2
348 3337d 4h spiker /highres/sprites/characters.def