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714 97d 8h leod /highres/sprites/monsters_polymost.def Voxel Pack fallout: rescale or rename some items;
hrp_extract.bash: auto-mode recognises dukegdx.def, avoid multiple file extractions
595 2365d 6h leod /highres/sprites/monsters_polymost.def Some texture/skin renaming for consistency's sake;
UserMapHacks: Hibernal Solstice, Duke 6:8, TimeCop;
MHK reviews;
hrp_todo update;
506 2546d 11h leod /highres/sprites/monsters_polymost.def 0052_healthbottle (hud) by Steveeeie (is it actually used anywhere?);
old 0490 cycloid head moved to monsters_polymost;
props[_polymost].def : remove unnecessary pal0 entry for some glow maps; : Linux patch by Helixhorned, set executable bit;

UserMapHacks : Locked Up, MatH Pack 02-04, Prequel to Time, DukePlus maps
460 2648d 7h leod /highres/sprites/monsters_polymost.def Polymost cycloid moved to monsters_polymost; run PNGOUT on cycloid textures  
390 2876d 13h leod /highres/sprites/monsters_polymost.def glowmaps renamed for consistent naming style

hydrent -> hydrant
348 2955d 4h spiker /highres/sprites/monsters_polymost.def