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573 2536d 10h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Prepare conditional branching in duke3d_hrp.def: introduce duke3d_hrp_polymer.def;
#4386: scale up to correct lenght, still looks ugly in most user maps;

UserMaphacks: Just another Christmas, Snow, NWinter part1, MHK reviews
569 2543d 8h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def prop 1275 renamed/redefined to 1276;
texture 1275 derived from 1276 skin;

detail map paper_crumpled resized;
PNGOUT optimizations;
UserMapHacks: Duke Nukem ex mortum, Hydrofusion Substation, QMC - Puritan, WarDome, The GbaR;
MHK reviews
539 2587d 10h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def 927 Traffic Signal: scaled up to correct size; 243, 5099-5104: PNGOUT optimization

UserMapHacks: Mill Town Rampage, Duke Nukem Memorial Hospital aka brains2, Slaughterfest, The Base, Nuke Plant, DM-PACK: Antic Places; MHK reviews
535 2620d 14h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Prepare polymerization of hydrant model by moving it to props_polymost; PNGOUT optimizations; maphack reviews  
530 2624d 14h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def 0051_healthbox (cola) by Steveeeie; 1051_handdryer moved to props_polymost  
529 2624d 14h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def 0762_mike (microphone) by Mark.;
0051_healthbox moved to pickups_polymost;
2460_firstaidkit.png (hud) renamed to 2640_firstaidkit_polymost.png
506 2664d 14h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def 0052_healthbottle (hud) by Steveeeie (is it actually used anywhere?);
old 0490 cycloid head moved to monsters_polymost;
props[_polymost].def : remove unnecessary pal0 entry for some glow maps; : Linux patch by Helixhorned, set executable bit;

UserMapHacks : Locked Up, MatH Pack 02-04, Prequel to Time, DukePlus maps
486 2731d 9h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def tile 1089-1091 added to 1088 reactor model definition;
tile 4561-4562 added to 4560 robotdog2 model definition;
UserMapHacks : Daemonus, Park, RCPD Finale
485 2739d 8h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def tile0608 added to 0607 antenna model definition;
UserMapHacks : Battlefield3, Red Rock, Slammer ("Breakin in then out.")
470 2763d 15h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Final version or not : saving Spiker's life seems appropriate for the HRP :
tile0407/0411 (fansprite/broke) by Steveeeie (full size); old version moved to props_polymost
435 2789d 10h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def tile4429 (fence, user maps only) : is a copy of tile0913 -> texture and model definitions added.

UserMapHacks : Canyon (, 3DRealms *.mhk : additional header info
433 2792d 11h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def tile0917 (Firealarm) resized to 512*512;
Polymost: use previous Polymer tile0917 (model and diffuse map)
430 2803d 16h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def tile0279 (user maps only, derived from 278);
Pirate Flag, Banner 1, Banner 2: add stills definitions for "notmd" maphack

Imperium maphacks moved to dukeplus folder
411 2883d 6h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Tile 0631 by Gambini (user maps only)  
400 2986d 15h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Polymost: keep old chair. It fits better IMO.  
390 2994d 16h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def glowmaps renamed for consistent naming style

hydrent -> hydrant
379 3009d 16h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Polymost : drop old models 0913_fence, 2581_scuba  
348 3073d 7h spiker /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def