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714 139d 7h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Voxel Pack fallout: rescale or rename some items;
hrp_extract.bash: auto-mode recognises dukegdx.def, avoid multiple file extractions
708 429d 13h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Fix incomplete r703, update extraction

I should actually use the tools I created to avoid this very type of issues...
688 1565d 4h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def #1055 (film reel) animation fix by Mark. (

UserMapHacks : interim chckin - SSC only, and some unfinished stuff. Haven't worked on this for months and no continuation in sight.
680 1738d 8h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def #1057 (user maps only), 0551 'proper' glowmap; UserMapHacks: Vermin Clearance and more  
671 1909d 8h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def DEFs: remove unnnecessary pal 0 parameter from normal, specular and glow maps;
UserMapHacks: WGDoom1, WG-Old1/2, Dark Place1/2
666 1967d 13h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def #0336-0338: remove x/yscale;
Polymost: use new cranepole, move old crane skin;
Maphacks: Original Game's maphack review completed (E2L1-7)
663 1982d 10h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Polymost HRP: Polymost-only textures moved  
661 1988d 6h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def *** Dang typo: Maphack DEF tokens implemented as of EDuke32 r4884 ***
Some Polymost-only items moved; Maphacks: E3L1,3,6, E4L9-11 reviewed; UserMapHacks: 666 episode, some *.mhk renamed
656 2041d 7h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Polymost HRP: keep using old 1222 crane model; Polymost/Megaton override extraction revamped;
UserMapHacks: four recent releases
646 2118d 5h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def #4375, copied from #4374 (user maps only)
UserMapHacks: catching up with recent releases and updates, anf more
639 2228d 9h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Robotdog2 (4560) scaled down a bit;
Override Pack extraction updated;
UserMapHacks: Apprehension Arizona, Ultimate Stadium Remake, and more
636 2261d 9h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def #0768/#0779 (Sushiplate 1/4) scaled down by 25%;
new UserMapHacks;
Megaton HRP DEF files

Known Problems:

The Megaton executable (1.3.2 stable) is based on a rather old JFDuke version
and therefore doesn't support all Polymost HRP features correctly:

- "animtilerange", "setuptilerange" and "tilefromtexture" are unsupported
- frozen models don't work correctly and have been disabled
- skyboxes don't work correctly and have been disabled
- pickup models and first person weapon models may (partiallly) disappear at
certain viewing angles or sector boundaries.

There is nothing that can be done about these issues other than updating the
Megaton executable's Polymost renderer code.
However, I'd rather hope for Megaton's Polymost renderer improvements than
EDuke32's netcode getting finished.
619 2349d 2h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def #2452 (user maps only, texture only, taken from Duke3dw_v421);
PNGOUT optimizations;
UserMapHacks: SPACEPWR, Plug and Pray update
610 2369d 2h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def #1227: fix specular definition;
PNGOUT optimizations;
Polymost HRP: use old models #0584, #0976, #1227;
UserMapHacks: CBP7, JFCBP2, Jailbird2, The Railway Station
606 2374d 13h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Polymost HRP: use old 0621_camera1, 0150 uses Polymer version glowmap, 0795 xscale fix, introduce textures_polymost;
Old 0621_camera1.png copied to 0584_sensor_body.png, 0958_lamp_body.png;
PNGOUT optimizations;
UserMapHacks: ACB Studios, Island Base, Red2, Space Madness, Training Base
588 2439d 9h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Polymost HRP: keep using old 4583_pipe.md3;
PNGOUT optimizations;
UserMapHacks: Lost City, Lost Temple, Polaris Outpost 1&2, Pain; MHK reviews
573 2460d 6h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Prepare conditional branching in duke3d_hrp.def: introduce duke3d_hrp_polymer.def;
#4386: scale up to correct lenght, still looks ugly in most user maps;

UserMaphacks: Just another Christmas, Snow, NWinter part1, MHK reviews
569 2467d 4h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def prop 1275 renamed/redefined to 1276;
texture 1275 derived from 1276 skin;

detail map paper_crumpled resized;
PNGOUT optimizations;
UserMapHacks: Duke Nukem ex mortum, Hydrofusion Substation, QMC - Puritan, WarDome, The GbaR;
MHK reviews
539 2511d 6h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def 927 Traffic Signal: scaled up to correct size; 243, 5099-5104: PNGOUT optimization

UserMapHacks: Mill Town Rampage, Duke Nukem Memorial Hospital aka brains2, Slaughterfest, The Base, Nuke Plant, DM-PACK: Antic Places; MHK reviews
535 2544d 9h leod /highres/sprites/props_polymost.def Prepare polymerization of hydrant model by moving it to props_polymost; PNGOUT optimizations; maphack reviews  

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