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714 97d 9h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def Voxel Pack fallout: rescale or rename some items;
hrp_extract.bash: auto-mode recognises dukegdx.def, avoid multiple file extractions
710 367d 16h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def hrp_extract : major overhaul, change extension to "bash"

Rename Metropolitan MHKs
DEFs: remove TABs
- work on CON and GRP files as well, recognize "setdefname"
- AUTO Mode:
- extract complete mod, start at EDUKE.CON|GAME.CON|duke3d.def, respectively
- also search DUKE3D.GRP
- Speedup on Windows by using Bash's internal regex engine
- New "HRPTYPE"s: maphacks, voxels, auto
691 1422d 10h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def signs/switches : use some skins as testures if possible (130,131,170,171,4441,4442,4473;
UserMapHacks: def/mhk updates to support NightFright's Addon Compilation v3.0
680 1696d 10h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def #1057 (user maps only), 0551 'proper' glowmap; UserMapHacks: Vermin Clearance and more  
677 1779d 4h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def #3380 (user maps only), derived from #0826; more UserMapHacks  
661 1946d 8h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def *** Dang typo: Maphack DEF tokens implemented as of EDuke32 r4884 ***
Some Polymost-only items moved; Maphacks: E3L1,3,6, E4L9-11 reviewed; UserMapHacks: 666 episode, some *.mhk renamed
645 2090d 14h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def UserMapHacks: catching up with recent releases (minus one) and updates, more KaiseR maps  
595 2365d 6h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def Some texture/skin renaming for consistency's sake;
UserMapHacks: Hibernal Solstice, Duke 6:8, TimeCop;
MHK reviews;
hrp_todo update;
424 2693d 3h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def tile0961 (Exit Sign) by Steveeeie; Old exit sign moved to signs_polymost.

Partly archival commit. This does not work as intended because glowmaps with different palettes are not supported.
418 2700d 2h leod /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def 0594 Airlock Sign by Steveeeie;
textures.def fixed;
Polymost: use 4155_d;
UserMapHacks: DUKE2013, Escape aka HCR
348 2955d 5h spiker /highres/sprites/signs_polymost.def