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714 135d 10h leod /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def Voxel Pack fallout: rescale or rename some items;
hrp_extract.bash: auto-mode recognises dukegdx.def, avoid multiple file extractions
691 1460d 11h leod /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def signs/switches : use some skins as testures if possible (130,131,170,171,4441,4442,4473;
UserMapHacks: def/mhk updates to support NightFright's Addon Compilation v3.0
630 2321d 10h leod /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def Polymost HRP: revert r362 to re-enable crosshair colouring;
moved/renamed a couple of textures;
UserMapHacks: Alpha Core, Moonbase, Nitroglycerin, and others;
renamed scraps in MHKs to match names.h
614 2350d 4h leod /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def move old 134/135 switch to switches_polymost;
copy shared 0136_sdoorswitch.md3 to switches_polymost;
rename two Polymer glowmaps;

fix effects.def typo; PNGOUT optimizations;
new and updated UserMapHacks
443 2702d 14h leod /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def 0917_firealarm_n.png : resized to 512*512;
0136_sdoorswitch_* : moved Polymost-only textures
442 2702d 14h leod /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def 0917/0961 : new MD3 + normal maps;
0712 : Polymost keeps old switch;
UserMapHacks : Anarchy City, Duke Underground, Hostel, Overtime, and more
390 2914d 14h leod /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def glowmaps renamed for consistent naming style

hydrent -> hydrant
348 2993d 5h spiker /highres/sprites/switches_polymost.def