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396 2870d 23h leod /highres/textures_polymost.def Polymost glowmaps added; duke3d.def: remove irritating comment.

I'm not really happy with this solution but up to now only four files are affected by this rare Polymer/Polymost conflict. And so far I think it's better for maintenance not to introduce a textures_polymost folder.

duke3d.def: This is definetely not the place to split the DEF path between Polymer and Polymost.
392 2875d 5h leod /highres/textures_polymost.def Polymost: detail maps for diffuse maps borrowed from Polymer  
388 2882d 3h leod /highres/textures_polymost.def Polymer: 0828_n adapted from Dest.Ghetto,
0124_n/0125_n parallax values copied from 0070_n;
Polymost: define 0448_g,
RPG muzzleflash adapted from Polymer
387 2884d 7h leod /highres/textures_polymost.def Polymost : good old reddish tint for some of the backported Polymer textures

shrink paper_crumpled
377 2894d 3h loomsday /highres/textures_polymost.def oops  
359 2939d 5h loomsday /highres/textures_polymost.def new polymost #367 & #368  
358 2943d 1h loomsday /highres/textures_polymost.def polymost #369 texture revised  
356 2943d 7h loomsday /highres/textures_polymost.def polymost #317, #318 revised  
352 2951d 6h loomsday /highres/textures_polymost.def #0159 polymost  
348 2956d 22h spiker /highres/textures_polymost.def