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639 2224d 18h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def Robotdog2 (4560) scaled down a bit;
Override Pack extraction updated;
UserMapHacks: Apprehension Arizona, Ultimate Stadium Remake, and more
636 2257d 18h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def #0768/#0779 (Sushiplate 1/4) scaled down by 25%;
new UserMapHacks;
Megaton HRP DEF files

Known Problems:

The Megaton executable (1.3.2 stable) is based on a rather old JFDuke version
and therefore doesn't support all Polymost HRP features correctly:

- "animtilerange", "setuptilerange" and "tilefromtexture" are unsupported
- frozen models don't work correctly and have been disabled
- skyboxes don't work correctly and have been disabled
- pickup models and first person weapon models may (partiallly) disappear at
certain viewing angles or sector boundaries.

There is nothing that can be done about these issues other than updating the
Megaton executable's Polymost renderer code.
However, I'd rather hope for Megaton's Polymost renderer improvements than
EDuke32's netcode getting finished.
635 2275d 13h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def 0950/0981 [broken]hydrant by Steveeeie;
UserMapHacks: Mean Streets and many more (AMC TC group completed)
634 2296d 21h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def UserMapHacks: 2070, Aqua*, NSD group completed  
630 2321d 17h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def Polymost HRP: revert r362 to re-enable crosshair colouring;
moved/renamed a couple of textures;
UserMapHacks: Alpha Core, Moonbase, Nitroglycerin, and others;
renamed scraps in MHKs to match names.h
610 2365d 11h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def #1227: fix specular definition;
PNGOUT optimizations;
Polymost HRP: use old models #0584, #0976, #1227;
UserMapHacks: CBP7, JFCBP2, Jailbird2, The Railway Station
498 2606d 17h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def UserMapHacks : WGRealms, Moonbase Accident, ...  
495 2614d 17h leod /maphacks/cbp/cbp_mhk.def UserMapHacks : WGCity, TTA2, Undesire, NBCBP, WCTime, and more

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