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710 608d 6h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk hrp_extract : major overhaul, change extension to "bash"

Rename Metropolitan MHKs
DEFs: remove TABs
- work on CON and GRP files as well, recognize "setdefname"
- AUTO Mode:
- extract complete mod, start at EDUKE.CON|GAME.CON|duke3d.def, respectively
- also search DUKE3D.GRP
- Speedup on Windows by using Bash's internal regex engine
- New "HRPTYPE"s: maphacks, voxels, auto
670 2116d 4h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk UserMapHacks: DNE 2.0, replace spaces in file names  
647 2301d 3h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk UserMapHacks: CBP and Attrition groups completed (YEAH!)  
643 2361d 2h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk Shotgun pickups #0028 (Polymer&Polymost) scaled down by a few percent;
UserMapHacks: Episodes ADG, Crucial Conflict, DaikariN, Lost Highway, WGSpace;
UserMapHacks: MHK header update part 1
642 2381d 5h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk #1155 handprintswitch: flipped;
UserMapHacks: Duke Hard, Turok and others
640 2410d 23h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk UserMapHacks: big update  
635 2477d 20h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk 0950/0981 [broken]hydrant by Steveeeie;
UserMapHacks: Mean Streets and many more (AMC TC group completed)
596 2593d 21h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk UserMapHacks: Alien Rendezvous, EDF Base, EDF Secret Base, Maads, and more;
MHK reviews completed. All UserMapHacks comply with HRP 5.3.
592 2623d 3h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk hrp_todo update;
UserMapHacks: Ballroom, Condemed, Fruit Loops, Shuttle Service, Voices of Authority;
MHK reviews
415 2952d 19h leod /maphacks/cbp/metropolitan/E5L14_metropolitan.mhk New maphack system. User map maphacks added (2012 releases, Roch, and more).
Revision strings reverted from "5.1.414" to "Repository Snapshot".

The 3D Realms maphacks are not new. They have been copied from the HRP's root folder (atomic), the HRP's installer directory (1.3D), and the Polymost HRP (atomic).

The new maphacks are non-functional until EDuke32 catches up. Note that you should use EDuke32 r3309 (thanks, h266) or later unless you like being flooded with error messages in your eduke32.log file.