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639 2222d 5h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def Robotdog2 (4560) scaled down a bit;
Override Pack extraction updated;
UserMapHacks: Apprehension Arizona, Ultimate Stadium Remake, and more
638 2245d 1h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def effects_megaton.def: adapt to current scrap numbering;
hrp_readme.txt: add Besli to texture credits;
UserMapHacks: Delta Station Down, Clear The Coast, and others
635 2273d 0h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def 0950/0981 [broken]hydrant by Steveeeie;
UserMapHacks: Mean Streets and many more (AMC TC group completed)
630 2319d 4h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def Polymost HRP: revert r362 to re-enable crosshair colouring;
moved/renamed a couple of textures;
UserMapHacks: Alpha Core, Moonbase, Nitroglycerin, and others;
renamed scraps in MHKs to match names.h
576 2445d 4h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks: Bedrone, Deadfall, Xmas2k1/2, and more; MHK reviews  
549 2479d 2h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def 2013 Models update by Tea Monster : Cycloid, Duke, frozen Duke. (Frozen Duke model is technically wrong, but looks very icy.)
3240-3249 PNGOUT-optimized (alpha channel removed)
UserMapHacks: Castle Quest, MHK reviews
547 2486d 9h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def #2710 : 2013Cycloid model v1.2 by Tea Monster

UserMapHacks : Entrapped, Bridge Between Two Islands, Anarchy City X, Devastation 01
509 2559d 6h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks: BaeReDX, Jungle Tour 3, Ruin; DukePlus maphacks completed & reviewed  
508 2569d 0h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks: LORCH2, Haunted Castle; Duke in D.C. maphacks reviewed  
507 2577d 4h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def Polymost HRP : re-add old HUD health bottle;
Maphacks : fix copy-pasted typo - d'oh!
506 2582d 6h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def 0052_healthbottle (hud) by Steveeeie (is it actually used anywhere?);
old 0490 cycloid head moved to monsters_polymost;
props[_polymost].def : remove unnecessary pal0 entry for some glow maps; : Linux patch by Helixhorned, set executable bit;

UserMapHacks : Locked Up, MatH Pack 02-04, Prequel to Time, DukePlus maps
504 2594d 3h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def tiles 0879 / 0880 by Steveeeie (880 rotated by 180 degrees, scaled)

UserMapHacks for DukePlus
498 2604d 4h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks : WGRealms, Moonbase Accident, ...  
496 2610d 2h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks : Quantum Physics, KaiseR Land 1-3, BoSPX, and more  
495 2612d 5h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks : WGCity, TTA2, Undesire, NBCBP, WCTime, and more

More maphack reviews

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel...
494 2615d 3h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks : Abig1, 16384/Aremade1, FactoryX; major reviews of Roch series and others  
493 2618d 1h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks : Oranges, Discarded Stronghold, Operation: Get Bike Back, Transport2,
Duke Nukem Eternity (if you choose to replace the HRP it comes with)

misc. maphack fixes and updates
hud_polymost.def : cosmetic
491 2623d 7h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks : Overkill episode (beta), Starlite, Desert base (old), Viewport, Sewer Confines
misc. maphack fixes and updates
445 2693d 6h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def UserMapHacks : Midnight Arrival, New York Nightmare Episode, Reform, Red Sun, Anorak City, Preston Road, Dark Horizon  
442 2700d 8h leod /maphacks/dukeplus/dukeplus_mhk.def 0917/0961 : new MD3 + normal maps;
0712 : Polymost keeps old switch;
UserMapHacks : Anarchy City, Duke Underground, Hostel, Overtime, and more

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