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686 1643d 18h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def 0226.png moved to textures_polymost;
hrp_readme/todo updates;
UserMapHacks: new DestinyOfTheAliens, GoodsHD, ug_basis_cplx, FM3X (50% done), plus the usual blabla
683 1662d 3h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: New York Rebellion Episode aka FM1X, and others  
682 1676d 15h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: new 'South of Hell*, 'Groovy Street', 'Baptized in ...' + reviews and restructuring.  
681 1690d 7h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: Orbital Oblivion Episode aka FM2X, and others  
680 1702d 10h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def #1057 (user maps only), 0551 'proper' glowmap; UserMapHacks: Vermin Clearance and more  
679 1718d 7h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: The usual mix of old and recent releases  
678 1777d 5h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: interim checkin  
676 1797d 9h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: Death Drive episode and some others, FM1/2X updates  
670 1881d 14h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: DNE 2.0, replace spaces in file names  
669 1894d 6h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: catching up with, erm..., 'recent' releases, and some more  
667 1907d 4h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def #2264: zadd 1 to avoid flickering in Polymer;
UserMapHacks: catch up with recent releases (Kamikaze still pending though)
666 1931d 15h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def #0336-0338: remove x/yscale;
Polymost: use new cranepole, move old crane skin;
Maphacks: Original Game's maphack review completed (E2L1-7)
664 1938d 3h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def Maphack reviews: Ep.1 completed (E1L3-6), E2L8-9, Ep.4 completed (E4L3-7)  
661 1952d 8h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def *** Dang typo: Maphack DEF tokens implemented as of EDuke32 r4884 ***
Some Polymost-only items moved; Maphacks: E3L1,3,6, E4L9-11 reviewed; UserMapHacks: 666 episode, some *.mhk renamed
660 1972d 4h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def *** Maphack DEF tokens implemented as of EDuke32 r4484 ***
If r4484 or newer doesn't (yet) work for you, try my r4495 backport:

UserMapHacks: Support Nightfright's Addon Pack (part 2)
(for already available maphack counterparts)
659 1980d 6h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def Happy New Year to all HRP contributors and repo lurkers!
UserMapHacks: Support Nightfright's Addon Pack
(for already available maphack counterparts)
656 2005d 9h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def Polymost HRP: keep using old 1222 crane model; Polymost/Megaton override extraction revamped;
UserMapHacks: four recent releases
652 2020d 14h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def Maphacks: E4L1,2,8 reviewed;
UserMapHacks: mostly updated Megaton re-releases
651 2033d 9h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def Hi Roma Loom! Nice to see you back on duty :-)
UserMapHacks: blablabla
648 2052d 8h leod /maphacks/usermaps_mhk.def UserMapHacks: Brave New World, MSSP v3.0, The Chronic, and more  

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