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412 2792d 2h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash Maphacks: add line feed at the end of *.mhk files Attrition<>Polymost HRP compatibility patch to prevent EDuke32 crashes. (Current Attrition: 1.40; current EDuke32: r3146)
408 2814d 8h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash texture 0186 : revert to Polymost version until neighbours 187-190 are polymerized, too. (0191 should be kept in mind as well) : cleanup
407 2896d 7h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash Polymost: rename 2493_old to 2493_polymost and use as menu screen; enable DukePlus<>Polymost HRP compatibility patch for akimbo pistols
384 2921d 2h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash Polymer RPG : firstperson xadd corrected to 1.5.
hrp_readme.txt : updated credits and formatted to 80char/line. : sw_lowres improved.
375 2931d 3h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash : accept some old-style definitions  
333 3023d 1h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash hrp_extract: find 'bottom' skybox; adapt to SWHRP r13; remove broken HRP root check  
331 3023d 8h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash hrp_extract: accept toplevel DEF as command line argument as an alternative to HRPTYPE  
330 3024d 20h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash 4288_d added to Polymost HRP.
hrp_extract: support for voxels and Shadow Warrior HRP
325 3029d 9h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash make version commandlne parameter work with full, both, and all  
324 3029d 21h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash HRP Extractor deals with comments and versions. Related DEF tweaks.
Polymost devastator texture converted to PNG for great justice.
320 3032d 21h leod /tools/hrp_extract.bash Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack Extractor
minor DEF tweaks for hrp_extract

This creates a full, or PolyMER only, or PolyMOST only version from your working copy of the Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack's Subversion repository. This is done by copying some "known" files, but mostly by parsing the DEF file hierarchy. A Polymost Override Pack can also be created automatically.
This copypasta-patcha-script thing is ugly as hell and runs like a snail, but it does it's job and helps finding DEF file issues.

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