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727 9d 21h leod /tools/polymost_override/ UNIX newlines for *.def, *.mhk, *.txt  
708 395d 6h leod /tools/polymost_override/ Fix incomplete r703, update extraction

I should actually use the tools I created to avoid this very type of issues...
707 396d 10h leod /tools/polymost_override/ Maphacks: set "move to infinity" to 'mdxoff 9999999' + 'pitch -1'  
673 1861d 21h leod /tools/polymost_override/ rename the "installer" folder to "tools", cleanup "tools";
update hrp_readme.txt (not complete)
656 2007d 0h leod /tools/polymost_override/ Polymost HRP: keep using old 1222 crane model; Polymost/Megaton override extraction revamped;
UserMapHacks: four recent releases
639 2194d 2h leod /tools/polymost_override/ Robotdog2 (4560) scaled down a bit;
Override Pack extraction updated;
UserMapHacks: Apprehension Arizona, Ultimate Stadium Remake, and more
610 2334d 19h leod /tools/polymost_override/ #1227: fix specular definition;
PNGOUT optimizations;
Polymost HRP: use old models #0584, #0976, #1227;
UserMapHacks: CBP7, JFCBP2, Jailbird2, The Railway Station
431 2689d 22h leod /tools/polymost_override/ hrp_extract : improve Polymost Override Pack generation;
UserMapHacks: Betaone, WSTime, Sands of Time