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6969 8d 21h terminx / Silence less stupid fucking warning  
6968 8d 21h terminx / Silence stupid fucking warnings  
6967 8d 21h terminx / Bump BYTEVERSION  
6966 8d 21h terminx / Don't play DUKE_GOTHEALTHATLOW sound in standalone builds  
6965 8d 21h terminx / Work around strange internal compiler error with gcc 8.2.0...  
6964 8d 21h terminx / Remove compiled CON script from savegames in favor of storing a simple CRC32 value computed from the uncompiled CON text--this means that savegames can now only be loaded if the currently loaded CONs match what was in use when the game was saved.  
6963 16d 05h pogokeen / screens.cpp: Show average game update time over the last 100 game updates  
6962 16d 12h hendricks266 / [facepalm emoji]  
6961 16d 12h hendricks266 / Remove redundant code from Polymost fog

Patch from Fox.
6960 18d 14h pogokeen / polymost.cpp/glsurface.cpp: Don't print shader compile status to the console on success.  
6959 19d 18h terminx / Mapste32: echo successful script commands invoked from the console with "do" back to the console in green to indicate success.  
6958 19d 18h terminx / "Lomont then searched for a constant optimal even after one and two Newton iterations and found 0x5F375A86, which is more accurate than the original at every iteration stage."  
6957 22d 21h terminx / Cheap fix for load game menu crash  
6956 22d 21h terminx / Add missing USERDEFS_USERBYTEVERSION to VM_SetUserdef()  
6955 26d 10h hendricks266 / Create P_GetOverheadPal() and restore the DOS definition of it.

DOS: the player sprite's pal (including pants color and frozenness), unaffected by sector floor pal
what the code had for some reason: the sector's floor pal, neglecting the nofloorpal bit, frozenness, and the player's pants color

I contend that it is okay for the automap sprite to ignore the sector's color for map legibility purposes.
6954 26d 10h hendricks266 / Factor out P_GetKneePal().  
6953 26d 10h hendricks266 / Clean up variables in overhead map player sprite draw code.  
6952 26d 10h hendricks266 / Menus: Make some non-functional changes for clarity in Menu_RunInput_EntryRange*_Movement.  
6951 26d 10h hendricks266 / Fix -Wformat-overflow warnings  
6950 26d 10h hendricks266 / Fix warning: 'void* memset(void*, int, size_t)' clearing an object of non-trivial type 'struct menusave_t'; use assignment or value-initialization instead [-Wclass-memaccess]  

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