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7290 12h 43m terminx / Revert "engine.cpp/.h: clean up & fix lintersect(). Additionally, add support for finding intersections of collinear line segments."

This reverts r6886.
7289 12h 43m terminx / Fix issue with editor not allowing wall and floor aligned sprites to be resized in 2d mode without textured view mode enabled  
7288 12h 43m terminx / This should fix the too many sprites spawned issue in single player  
7287 12h 43m terminx / Expand the list of options available for the framerate limiter, and add a separate option that controls an offset added to the limiter. This should allow the menu to cover all of the important use cases involving G-SYNC, FreeSync, and "Fast Sync".  
7286 12h 43m terminx / Fix net.cpp line endings  
7285 12h 43m terminx / Change audiolib mixing functions to just use a return value instead of setting a global to indicate the new mixing buffer position  
7284 12h 44m terminx / Slight cleanup to MV_GetVorbisCommentLoops(). The biggest change here is swapping calls to atol to our Batol macro, which is actually backed by strtol instead of atol.  
7283 12h 44m terminx / Hendricks and I discussed "auto *" and we've come to the conclusion that it's bad form, so this corrects that.  
7282 12h 44m terminx / Reduce vorbis read block size from 32k to MV_MIXBUFFERSIZE. Despite requiring more calls into libvorbis, this should be faster on slower CPUs in cases where more copies of the same .ogg sound are attempting to be played at once than are allowed, e.g large explosion scenes in Ion Maiden.  
7281 12h 44m terminx / I don't see a reason for these operations to be separated  
7280 12h 44m terminx / Fix function that some sadist formatted with 3 spaces  
7279 12h 44m terminx / This fixes S_CheckSoundPlaying() and makes CON_IFSOUND work correctly in scripts that run during menus. These changes together fix the exchange between Duke and Lani at the end of episode 3 of Duke3D.  
7278 12h 44m terminx / This makes the output from r_showfps 3, cl_showcoords 1, and what is printed after DNDEBUG all happily coexist. The display of g_moveActorsTime and g_moveWorldTime has also been moved from cl_showcoords to r_showfps.  
7277 12h 44m terminx / Fix CON commands leaving useless extra values in the bytecode. They were only valid outside of executable blocks so it was never noticed.  
7276 12h 44m terminx / Fix CON compiler line number accounting problem introduced with the optimization that transforms CON_SETVARVAR -> CON_SETVAR if the second parameter is a constant  
7275 12h 44m terminx / Change A_AddToDeleteQueue() to call A_DeleteSprite() on sprites it removes from the queue directly, as sprites with statnums other than STAT_ACTOR and STAT_MISC are not deleted automatically when their xrepeat is 0. This fixes using CON_INSERTSPRITEQ with sprites of statnums other than STAT_ACTOR and STAT_MISC.  
7274 12h 45m terminx / This is never going to work. When it was first programmed, it was done under the assumption that dividing an integer by a power of 2 was always the same as shifting it. It turns out that this isn't the case and I'm a dumbass. :D  
7273 12h 45m terminx / Move the debug_break() call in the default case of VM_Execute() to after the call to VM_ScriptInfo().  
7272 12h 45m terminx / Fix error building the transpal utility  
7271 12h 45m terminx / After some refactoring, several CON error checks done at runtime stood out as things that could be determined at script compile time. They have been moved.  

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