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7442 10h 18m terminx / Fix issue where controls intentionally bound to no keys would be reset to default at startup  
7441 10h 18m terminx / Fix "spriteshadow" on voxels in Polymost  
7440 23h 33m terminx / Fix crash when starting E2L1  
7439 1d 0h terminx / Fix Duke's head bouncing off the ceiling when jumping  
7438 1d 3h terminx / Work around issue where player sticks to the ceiling after jumping  
7437 1d 4h terminx / Bump MAXCLIPNUM to 3072 because IM was still hitting it with 2048  
7436 1d 4h terminx / This should fix most of the remaining issues with projectiles colliding with ledges they shouldn't be hitting  
7435 1d 4h terminx / Allow disabling undo in editor 3d mode from cfg file  
7434 1d 4h terminx / Replace some individual assignments of structure members with whole structure assignments  
7433 1d 4h terminx / Polymost voxel rendering VBO patch from Nuke  
7432 1d 4h terminx / Adjust projection matrix depending on SCISDIST  
7431 1d 4h terminx / Mapster32 will now load "editor.def" if it exists  
7430 1d 4h terminx / Replace hard-coded literal "777" for player crack_time member with preprocessor define  
7429 1d 4h terminx / EDUKE32_STANDALONE stuff  
7428 1d 4h terminx / Fix irritating Duke clipping bugs, including where the player walks up on to wall oriented sprites

This also fixes getting through floor gaps that are too small by pressing jump while holding crouch.

These changes are absolutely going to break certain maps, and cause new bugs, at which point additional required fixes will be made on a case-by-case basis.
7427 1d 4h terminx / Hoist comparison of const variable outside of loop in getzrange()  
7426 1d 4h terminx / Fix stupid typo in hardcoded Duke3D actor  
7425 1d 4h terminx / Fix hang when setting r_maxfps to 0 while r_maxfpsoffset is a negative value  
7424 1d 4h terminx / Don't bother with fog calculations for things without hightile replacements  
7423 1d 4h terminx / Fix "findnearactor" family of CON functions  

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