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7618 5h 18m terminx / This is a few less instructions  
7617 5h 18m terminx / Fix TROR clipping issue  
7616 5h 18m terminx / Update VS solution and project files  
7615 23h 7m pogokeen / Fix maskwall array indirection bug and two if conditional oversights from r7612  
7614 1d 4h terminx / Fix longstanding player hitscan and decal z coordinate offset bug

This one traces back to the original DOS code.
7613 1d 5h pogokeen / polymost.cpp: switch from writing gl_FragColor to writing gl_FragData[0] in order to reduce VGPR usage on AMD cards  
7612 1d 5h pogokeen / Fix depth buffer issue causing translucent sprites to not render properly in Polymost.
Use polymost_spriteHasTranslucency() and polymost_maskWallHasTranslucency() to determine if a sprite has translucency.
Optimize sprite rendering when in Polymost by only sorting sprites with translucency.
7611 1d 18h terminx / Improve check_floor_curb()

This should fix several remaining clipping bugs.
7610 1d 18h terminx / Fix SOS check in clipmove()  
7609 1d 18h terminx / Add support for returning the closest point in the sector to getsectordist()  
7608 1d 18h terminx / Add new findwallbetweensectors() function and change sectoradjacent() to use it  
7607 2d 9h terminx / Add *.grp, *.rts, *.art, and the current names for the texture cache files to .gitignore  
7606 2d 9h terminx / Piddly fart bullshit changes that don't really do anything  
7605 2d 9h terminx / Exclude vfs.cpp from VS project to suppress linker warning about an object without symbols  
7604 2d 9h terminx / Add SFLAG_QUEUEDFORDELETE, to handle detection and manipulation of things like decal sprites marked for deletion  
7603 2d 9h terminx / Utilize the types added in the previous commit

This patch is a bit large.
7602 2d 9h terminx / Introduce a few "new" types for convenience when dealing with pointers to sprites, walls, and sectors that bypass the StructTracker stuff  
7601 2d 9h terminx / This should fix updatesector/updatesectorz performance while retaining the benefits of breadth-first search  
7600 2d 9h terminx / Add optional output parameter to getwalldist(), to return the coordinates of the closest point on the wall  
7599 2d 9h terminx / Fix EDUKE32_STANDALONE crash when calling G_DeleteOldSaves() at startup in debug builds  

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