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7688 15d 0h hendricks266 / Fix macOS -Wdeprecated-declarations warnings  
7687 19d 21h hendricks266 / Add support for E0LXY to game defs music token  
7686 20d 13h hendricks266 / Fix OOB access in polymost_spriteHasTranslucency  
7685 20d 13h hendricks266 / Fix OOB access in clipmove  
7684 20d 13h hendricks266 / Audiolib: Fix use-after-frees in Vorbis, FLAC, XA decoding  
7683 20d 13h hendricks266 / Audiolib: Clean up samples handling  
7682 22d 4h pogokeen / polymost.cpp: fix issue where GL_ALPHA_TEST could be enabled in certain instances when executing polymost_drawrooms() and better handle when we are drawing without a texture in polymost_drawpoly()  
7681 22d 4h pogokeen / Add GL debugging event annotations for Polymost functions  
7680 27d 23h hendricks266 / !  
7679 27d 23h hendricks266 / Restore file loading  
7678 27d 23h hendricks266 / Revert "Improve file loading"

This reverts commit bfc6b7589e8238351986499fb830c7ab274344bc.
7677 27d 23h hendricks266 / Allow CON-specified actions to override hardcoded tsprpicnum behavior of PLAYERONWATER, CAMERA1, and RAT  
7676 28d 15h terminx / Move S_Update() out of game loop and into Net_GetPackets()

This improves, but doesn't fix, the issue with sound popping when the player angle changes.
7675 28d 15h terminx / "horizon offset should not be affected by projection hack"  
7674 28d 15h terminx / Gamevar system maintenance

This removes some of the error handling for gamevar reads and writes and trades it for simpler code and a small-but-benchmarkable performance increase.
7673 28d 15h terminx / Convert loops using unsigned integers as iterators to use regular signed ints instead

Doing this as cleanly as possible involved demoting several function parameters concerning object sizes and counts from size_t to int--I'm fine with this change as the functions in question are not actually capable of handling input with sizes larger than what can be stored in a signed 32-bit integer, making the use of size_t here misleading at best.
7672 28d 15h terminx / Move call to S_Update() to after G_MoveLoop()  
7671 28d 15h terminx / Enable a couple of additional useful -W flags for newer versions of GCC  
7670 28d 15h terminx / Better stupid names for stupid macros in stupid function  
7669 28d 15h terminx / Sanitize A_GetFurthestAngle() return value  

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