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8798 287d 7h ny00123 / SW: Revert the changes from JFSW commit 7d0deafe81b0ffa30d77cfe242e454f8b4487a1f
related to the definitions of RANDOM_NEG in bunny.cpp, ripper.cpp
and ripper2.cpp. Do so in a way that isn't re-introducing compiler
warnings. This partially fixes compatibility with demos made for SW 1.2.
Additionally, replace the 3 separate definitions of RANDOM_NEG
with a common one within game.h.
8797 287d 7h ny00123 / SW: Fix a few memory access errors related to demo support  
8796 287d 7h ny00123 / Add a workaround for possible rounding errors in calculations of
sintable and radarang. sintable[512] was different in a 32-bit build.
8795 287d 16h hendricks266 / Disable the call to WIN_UpdateClipCursorForWindows in WIN_PumpEvents

Achieved by hex-editing libSDL2.a to change a JE (0x74) to JMP (0xEB).

This should improve micro stuttering-issues on Windows. My settings:

r_vsync 2
r_maxfps 0
win_systemtimermode 1
win_performancemode 1
8794 287d 16h hendricks266 / Fix voxels defined with definemodel

Patch from Nuke.YKT.
8793 287d 16h hendricks266 / Replace hackish old PALETTE.DAT format detection with robust file length method  
8792 289d 4h ny00123 / Pack the struct SW_PACKET. While this makes demo playback
functional with existing demo files, the code is known
to be incompatible with demos made for SW 1.2.
8791 293d 18h hendricks266 / WT Incinerator projectile velocity hotfix from Nuke.YKT  
8790 293d 18h hendricks266 / Implement WT episode 5 ending  
8789 293d 18h hendricks266 / Implement WT's widescreen tiles  
8788 293d 18h hendricks266 / Implement hardcoded WT stuff

Includes the new weapon, enemy projectiles, and breakable objects.

Patch from Nuke.YKT.

I edited it some, mostly to add the proper "if (WORLDTOUR)" checks.
8787 293d 18h hendricks266 / Fix negative viewtypes to match what World Tour expects  
8786 293d 18h hendricks266 / Cleanup some Duke game logic, mostly to allow easier chaining to the default case  
8785 293d 18h hendricks266 / Fix mistake in .rc  
8784 298d 18h terminx / Update TinySoundFont to 21c07c0bcd702e7adf3db349ac926914b98d17ce  
8783 298d 18h terminx / Clean up audiolib format detection a little bit  
8782 298d 18h terminx / Misc audiolib cleanup changes

This was split from another commit to make the other commit clearer. These changes don't really do much of anything.
8781 301d 5h ny00123 / SW: Revert the automapping changes from r5207. Using engine-side code
brought back in r7873, this should restore the behaviors of DOS v1.2.
8780 301d 5h ny00123 / Add set of polymost2d to 0 which was missed in r8711 to resizeglcheck.
Fixes tiled automap rendering in SW, without breaking the status bar
as in the case of r8766.
8779 301d 5h ny00123 / Revert the change of call to FAF_DrawRooms into a conditional one,
as done in r8766, since this breaks status bar output in tiled
overhead map with Polymost. Do add comment about this for now.
8778 301d 15h terminx / Restore previously selected .sf2 filename when the file selector is canceled by pressing esc  
8777 301d 15h terminx / Remove a bunch of dead code relating to reading and writing configuration data in eduke32.cfg for stuff we don't even support anymore, or that is saved in settings.cfg now instead  
8776 301d 15h terminx / Move mouse x-scale and y-scale to the main mouse setup menu and get rid of Advanced Mouse

This also normalizes the scale sliders to a displayed range of 0 - 1.0, and adds in_mousexscale and in_mouseyscale cvars to hold the values.
8775 301d 15h terminx / Update TinySoundFont to 031e4fecc37f8dc59725127941ae3d1f64867ff0  
8774 301d 15h terminx / Rename SF2_Load() to SF2_LoadBank() and fix the newline at the end of the error message that occurs if passed a bad filename  
8773 301d 15h terminx / Remove the leading slash from the .sf2 bank filename if it's the only slash in the string  
8772 301d 15h terminx / Improve handling of menu options that may be hidden in-between visits to a menu  
8771 301d 15h terminx / Refresh ud.config.MusicDevice and the menu sound configuration display variables after applying new settings

This helps keep the menu state synchronized with the actual sound system state in cases where the requested configuration was rejected for some reason (unsupported playback frequency, missing .sf2 file, etc).
8770 303d 22h terminx / Update TinySoundFont to 91c24e1620a8f9c13be1aa21698757e5ad5a95a6  
8769 303d 22h terminx / Make TinySoundFont effect sample block size configurable via cvar  
8768 304d 7h ny00123 / Expand Nuke.YKT's patch from SVN r7414 to cover all 32-bit platforms.
Fixes non-deterministic white rectangles rendering bug in PCExhumed.
8767 304d 7h ny00123 / Remove unused FAF_DebugView variable from sw/src/brooms.cpp. The
corresponding variable in rooms.cpp is used if DEBUG is defined
to nonzero.
8766 304d 7h ny00123 / sw/src/draw.cpp: Don't draw rooms if textured overhead map is drawn
later. This also turns out to fix a Polymost-specific bug revealed
in SVN r8711. Further remove a call to PicInView which does nothing.
8765 305d 3h terminx / Fix crash in menu file selector when no files OR directories are available to display  
8764 305d 4h terminx / Fix FURY=1 build  
8763 305d 20h terminx / Fix stupid menu bug  
8762 306d 0h terminx / GCC 9.3.0 Windows build fix  
8761 306d 0h terminx / Fix GCC 9.3.0 signedness warning  
8760 306d 0h terminx / Add file selector for choosing which .sf2 bank to use

This also adds a menu option for OPL3 stereo mode. Windows MME output device selection is probably next (this can already be done through the console).
8759 306d 0h terminx / Stylistic changes to driver_winmm

This changes the code formatting and style of driver_winmm to better match our style guidelines.