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5097 1667d 11h hendricks266 / C-CON: Redefine "break" within events to mean "skip the remainder of this event block", not "skip the remainder of execution of this event, through all chained blocks". The latter behavior is still available through the "return" keyword.  
5096 1667d 11h hendricks266 / Fix a typo in r5090.  
5095 1668d 2h terminx / Fix Polymost issue reported at  
5094 1668d 3h hendricks266 / OS X: Fix build. DONT_BUILD.  
5093 1669d 2h hendricks266 / CON: Add token "appendevent", which functions identically to "onevent" except that the event's code is chained to the end of any previous events, instead of the beginning.  
5092 1669d 2h hendricks266 / C-CON: Fix processing the bytecode in an incorrect order when executing setplayer on a member with a second parameter, a missed instance of a consideration from r5086.  
5091 1669d 2h hendricks266 / C-CON: Remove the restriction that prevents userdef access when the current player is not myconnectindex.  
5090 1669d 2h hendricks266 / C-CON: Implement tilesizx/y gamearrays in a fashion similar to M32Script's solution: a STRIDE2 flag.  
5089 1669d 17h hendricks266 / C-CON: Modify the parsing of definevolumename and defineskillname so that they only look for the text before a newline.

// valid
definevolumename 3 <text>

// invalid
definevolumename 3
5088 1669d 17h hendricks266 / C-CON: Add quick access for the remaining structures without it.  
5087 1669d 17h hendricks266 / C-CON: Enumify quick structure access.  
5086 1669d 17h hendricks266 / C-CON: Factor fast struct access and get<struct> out into single functions.  
5085 1669d 17h hendricks266 / C-CON: Add PLAYER_PALETTE to quick player struct access, and add a setter that calls P_SetGamePalette().  
5084 1670d 13h hendricks266 / Menus: Add a Cheats menu to options.

It's old-school.
5083 1670d 13h hendricks266 / Menus: Rename MenuPassword_t to MenuTextForm_t, modularize more of its attributes into the data structure, and polish its display and behavior.  
5082 1670d 20h terminx / Additional fix for building with newest MSYS2 packages. DONT_BUILD.  
5081 1670d 20h terminx / Build fix. DONT_BUILD.  
5080 1670d 23h terminx / A lot of CON rewrites/optimizations. Converts projectile system to dynamic allocation, saving a bunch of memory (something like sizeof(projectile_t) * MAXTILES * 2). This commit also contains changes that reduce overhead for CON commands that take a lot of parameters, by way of adding a Gv_GetManyVars() to replace long strings of subsequent calls to Gv_GetVarX().

Savegame version has been bumped due to the projectile changes. There is no way this commit doesn't cause at least one bug, so DONT_BUILD. ;)
5079 1670d 23h terminx / Engine memory reductions/optimizations:

-faketilesiz[MAXTILES] removed in favor of simple faketile[(MAXTILES+7)>>3] bitfield
-h_xsize/h_ysize (tile size overrides from .def) are now uint16_t instead of int32_t
-hudmem[2][MAXTILES] removed in favor of adding a hudmem ptr to mdmodel_t
-tilefromtexture performance improvements
-more tsectortype/twalltype usage in various engine functions that read but never write
-continued Polymost cleanups and refactors. Please report any odd rendering errors.
5078 1670d 23h terminx / Fix building on case-sensitive filesystems on OS X, DONT_BUILD.  

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