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6056 1333d 2h hendricks266 / Bring the previous commit into effect.  
6055 1333d 2h hendricks266 / The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
6054 1341d 9h hendricks266 / Delete more empty folders. DONT_BUILD.  
6053 1341d 13h hendricks266 / Remove empty folders. DONT_BUILD.  
6052 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Makefile: Delete the default suffixes, to possible help avoid internal Make race conditions.  
6051 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Makefile: Only pass APPNAME and APPBASENAME to the preprocessor if a value for them was passed in.

Keeping compiler invocation clutter to a minimum is good.
6050 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: Fix audiolib bindings, again.  
6049 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: Fix some vec2_t stuff I missed.  
6048 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: "new" --> "New"  
6047 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Restore tmulscale* to pragmas.h. SW needs it.  
6046 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Restructure pragmas*.h to eliminate duplicates of the generalized C code in the architecture-specific files.  
6045 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Normalize the general versions of the pragmas in pragmas.h with any improvements found in duplicates spread throughout the architecture specific files.

Note: One change made here is the elimination of unnecessary verbose upcasts.
6044 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: Fix allocache parameters.  
6043 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: Replace some stuff we removed from MACT.  
6042 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: Fix C uspritetype errors.  
6041 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: Fix signedness of buffers related to makepalookup.  
6040 1342d 1h hendricks266 / SW: Fix typos in r5551.  
6039 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Build tools: Add map2stl by Ken Silverman.  
6038 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Build tools: Fix warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]  
6037 1342d 1h hendricks266 / Build tools: Fix warning: cast from type 'const char*' to type 'char*' casts away qualifiers [-Wcast-qual]  

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