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6056 1333d 0h hendricks266 / Bring the previous commit into effect.  
6055 1333d 0h hendricks266 / The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
6026 1341d 23h hendricks266 / Add xmp.c to  
5824 1491d 9h terminx / Android build fix. DONT_BUILD.  
5780 1564d 3h hendricks266 / Replace uses of the HAVE_DS and HAVE_SDL preprocessor macros with MIXERTYPEWIN and MIXERTYPESDL.  
5719 1599d 9h hendricks266 / More Android build changes. DONT_BUILD.  
5717 1606d 2h hendricks266 / Some stuff for using clang to build on Android. DONT_BUILD.  
5707 1607d 16h hendricks266 / Small tweaks to  
5695 1627d 6h terminx / This file lives elsewhere now. DONT_BUILD.  
5690 1643d 5h hendricks266 / GL ES: Introduce ETC1 and (alpha-less) ETC2 texture compression, which improves performance by using less VRAM and requiring shorter data bus transfers.  
5677 1643d 5h hendricks266 / Android: Minor build system cleanup.  
5663 1657d 10h terminx / Android UI work. DONT_BUILD.  
5661 1657d 10h terminx / Android stuff. DONT_BUILD.  
5652 1657d 10h terminx / Android work. DONT_BUILD.  
5629 1682d 15h terminx / Android shit. DONT_BUILD.  
5625 1686d 13h terminx / Android crap. DONT_BUILD.  
5619 1686d 13h terminx / Update Android Makefile with new source files  
5399 1801d 15h terminx / Add colmatch to Android Makefile. DONT_BUILD.  
5259 1945d 11h terminx / Android and MSVC build fixes. DONT_BUILD.  
5197 1956d 13h hendricks266 / Add SW to our build system and make relevant changes to avoid fatal build errors.  

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