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7793 499d 18h pogokeen /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Fix parallel build by switching to generating .obj files from .glsl files and treat the shader source as an externed global resolved at link time.
Additionally, remove the no longer necessary shader generated headers folder from .gitignore
7785 501d 11h pogokeen /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Support separate .glsl shaders in Windows MSVC builds  
7690 518d 9h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Simplify map structure tracker overloads

Due to less branching, this is actually faster than trying to be clever.
7642 555d 16h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj VS project file updates  
7616 583d 22h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Update VS solution and project files  
7605 586d 3h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Exclude vfs.cpp from VS project to suppress linker warning about an object without symbols  
7588 586d 3h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Use FORCE_INLINE and CONSTEXPR where appropriate in the Q16 fixed point math library  
7487 598d 14h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Update VS projects to the VS2019 platform toolset  
7385 632d 9h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Add vfs.cpp and vfs.h to the VS projects  
7192 737d 2h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Add a couple missing headers to build.vcxproj  
7140 750d 13h hendricks266 /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Move the LZW compression functions out of cache1d.cpp into their own object, klzw.cpp.

This eliminates the hackiness of (now and CACHE1D_COMPRESS_ONLY.
7136 760d 21h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Drop C++ standard used in Visual Studio builds from C++17 to C++14, to be more consistent with our GNU makefile.  
7039 779d 15h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Remove nonexistent file lzwnew.h from VS project  
6994 779d 15h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj Trying to silence a warning at link time in VS. DONT_BUILD.  
6992 782d 0h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj This seems to fix debug builds in Visual Studio. DONT_BUILD.  
6991 782d 16h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj VS project changes. DONT_BUILD.  
6985 788d 16h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj VS project properties  
6981 788d 16h terminx /platform/Windows/build.vcxproj New native Visual Studio solution and projects, based on a set made by icecoldduke.