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6055 1396d 12h hendricks266 /platform/ The great repository rearrangement of 2017.

Files moved but not modified. Changes to follow in a subsequent commit.

You down with CPP?
6000 1423d 17h hendricks266 /platform/ Lunatic: Remove guard against building in C++ mode. We now support both!  
5926 1482d 21h terminx /platform/ Update with local changes from server. DONT_BUILD.  
5778 1627d 15h hendricks266 /platform/ Makefile: Revamp setup of all things SDL.

*Building with msys2 can now take advantage of sdl-config and sdl2-config if present.
*Add a header check to error out if SDL_mixer's major version does not match SDL.
*Building with frameworks on OS X works again.

*Those cross compiling, particularly targeting Windows, may need to invoke make with SDLCONFIG='' to avoid bringing in libs and headers from the host.
5583 1772d 21h hendricks266 /platform/ Update scripts that make 7-Zip packages to enable solid archives for better compression. DONT_BUILD.  
5582 1772d 21h hendricks266 /platform/ Really accomplish r5549. DONT_BUILD.  
5549 1782d 12h hendricks266 /platform/ Make use of the EDUKE32_REVISION file when packaging tarballs.  
5030 2106d 3h helixhorned /platform/ CPLUSPLUS=0 for the 32-bit Lunatic build, too.

BUILD_LUNATIC now, maybe?
5029 2106d 3h helixhorned /platform/ Lunatic: update user_defs, CPLUSPLUS=0 in, disable 'cutscene' for now.

4343 2471d 14h hendricks266 /platform/ Build system: Detect the SVN revision and generate rev.h directly from the Makefile, if applicable.  
4342 2471d 14h hendricks266 /platform/ Synthesis: Merge "sdk" package back into the game.  
4330 2481d 1h helixhorned /platform/ add Mapster32 to Lunatic preview package. BUILD_LUNATIC.

There's no separate SDK package, unlike for the regular builds.
4323 2483d 11h hendricks266 /platform/ Synthesis: Start building Lunatic in 64-bit too. BUILD_LUNATIC.  
4240 2522d 22h helixhorned /platform/ include test/{damagehplane,shadexfog}.lua for BUILD_LUNATIC.  
4159 2570d 2h hendricks266 /platform/ Synthesis: Augment changelogs a little bit. DONT_BUILD.  
4158 2570d 3h hendricks266 /platform/ At least now I know exactly what this is doing. BUILD_LUNATIC.  
4157 2570d 3h hendricks266 /platform/ BUILD_LUNATIC. Right now.  
4156 2570d 3h hendricks266 /platform/ This one better work. BUILD_LUNATIC.  
4155 2570d 15h hendricks266 /platform/ This should fix Synthesis for real. BUILD_LUNATIC.  
4154 2570d 17h hendricks266 /platform/ A stab in the dark at fixing the Synthesis problems. BUILD_LUNATIC.  

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