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5075 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Large batch of Polymost changes, including:

-lots of stylistic rewrites
-further improvements to anti-fighting code for wall and floor sprites (introduces three new cvars, r_wspr_offset, r_wspr_offset_variance, and r_fspr_offset)
-fixed brief HOM when traversing through a one-way masked wall
-seldomly used "alphahack" feature for hightile textures now represents alpha cutoff internally as a single byte instead of a float
-fixes a handful of issues where geometry failed to draw at certain coordinates from certain angles in certain resolutions
-renames a couple of cvars
5074 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Abort animvpx playback if uploading the texture for a frame throws a GL error. DONT_BUILD.  
5073 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ int64_t -> uint64_t in swap64bit(). DONT_BUILD.  
5072 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Polymer tsectortype usage. DONT_BUILD.  
5071 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Minor stylistic changes, fix FPS counter and other 2D drawing in Polymer.  
5070 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Remove unused buffer to fix warning, DONT_BUILD.  
5069 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Further gamevar changes/optimizations. This also fixes a bug Fox reported with the "shortcut" access to structure members that's tacked on to GetVar, where if the value of the index you're trying to access happened to equal the ID of the current sprite, it would act as if the variable passed was THISACTOR.  
5068 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Swap position of "load game" and "options" on main menu so that "load game" follows "new game", for consistency with the slightly different menu you get while in-game.  
5067 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ "Stylistic changes"

Translation: I made some stuff const because I felt like it.
5066 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ More Android changes. DONT_BUILD.  
5065 1666d 6h terminx /polymer/ Remove WeaponChoice* from eduke32.cfg and transition setting to "wchoice" cvar. This commit also removes an Android hack and changes the order of some of the in-game "F" key handling, just because it bugged me that some of them were out of order.  
5064 1666d 22h hendricks266 /polymer/ Amend "renamefile" def token to ensure its proper use. renamefile <GRP/SSI CRC32> <file number> <new filename>  
5063 1667d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/ Expand the quote #13 auto-replacement to catch "OPEN" and "ANY BUTTON" in addition to "SPACE".  
5062 1667d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/ Add the Duke DC and Duke Caribbean SSI files to the list of group files automatically detected and added to the startup window.  
5061 1667d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/ Defs: Add token "renamefile", which renames a file in a GRP or SSI file, in memory. 8.3 restrictions apply.  
5060 1667d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/ cache1d: Add support for loading SSI files.  
5059 1667d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/ cache1d: Allow loading GRP files from within other GRP files.  
5058 1667d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/ cache1d: Enumify the magic constants for "file is in a zip" and "file is in the filesystem".  
5057 1667d 0h hendricks266 /polymer/ Modify the modern mini-HUD so that:
1. Instead of the Mighty Foot using the Protective Boots inventory item as its icon, display no icon at all.
2. Adjust the ammo icon so that it is drawn at one-quarter size if its y-size is >=50 instead of >50. This fixes the display of Water Pistol Ammo in Duke Caribbean.
5056 1680d 10h hendricks266 /polymer/ Add "globalflags" def token. Flag 1 is a kill switch for the tileshades and artmapping features. Flag 2 is kill switch for the GL fullbright rendering pass.  

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