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4554 2291d 20h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Delete empty folders and update ignore properties.

4553 2291d 21h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ MSVC build system consolidation.

4550 2292d 17h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Normalize all rotatesprite calls to fullscreen panels so that they are centered at (160, 100) instead of top-lefted at (0, 0).  
4549 2292d 17h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Menus: Rearrange drawing so that MENUBAR (#2457) is always the first thing drawn after a menu's background, and its caption is always drawn last.  
4543 2292d 21h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Ball-busting Makefile restructure.

4542 2292d 21h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Delete a bunch of crusty old outdated unused files.

4541 2294d 19h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Replace the funkily-formatted GNU.TXT with the FSF's official gpl-2.0.txt. Also, update the FSF's address in all source files that contain it.

4540 2304d 19h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Lunatic fixes:
1 compiler error.
2 compiler warnings.
1 runtime warning.

Note that at this time, CPLUSPLUS=1 LUNATIC=1 fails to build due to C++ function mangling, and Win64 Lunatic crashes.

4539 2304d 19h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Windows: Update libraries.
- libpng to 1.6.12
- LuaJIT to Git HEAD >= 2.0.3
- instructions.txt

4538 2308d 5h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Extend ebacktrace in two ways.
1. The application must specify its proper name and technical name. Instead of eduke32_or_mapster32.crash.log, we now have eduke32.crash.log and mapster32.crash.log.
2. The exception handler will display a message box informing the user of a crash and requesting they send in the crash log. The box has three options: "Quit", the DLL's current behavior, "Continue", which passes the exception to the next handler, and "Ignore", which resumes execution immediately. These should allow the user to skip bogus exceptions picked up by ebacktrace, such as one I get with my laptop that causes EDuke32 no issues.
4537 2308d 5h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Miscellaneous get/set(this)projectile cleanup.  
4536 2309d 4h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/ WIP OSD refactor, committing now before it stops applying cleanly to current svn. This shouldn't break anything in an obvious or major way.  
4533 2309d 4h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/ I don't even remember which platform this fixes building on... probably MSVC. Cleaning out my tree.  
4530 2309d 4h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/ MSVC build fix  
4529 2309d 4h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/ Android updates from Emile  
4526 2309d 4h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/ Enable -usecwd for Mapster32 on Windows (same functionality as EDuke32)  
4525 2322d 2h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Hotfix to allow display of E1L8's par time and 3DR time if no usermap has been played yet.

Note that the user map function still overwrites everything in slot E1L8 for the time being, which is a deeper problem I need to address.
4524 2322d 2h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Keep track of allocated cache space for ANM files so they aren't allocated multiple times. Also, unlock the handles after playback is done so they can be freed if necessary.  
4523 2322d 2h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Disable the diagnostic log message upon successfully using the "animsounds" def command.  
4521 2322d 2h hendricks266 /polymer/eduke32/source/ Fix a warning in menus.c, introduced in r4519.  

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