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4693 2366d 20h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp Android updates from Emile. DONT_BUILD.  
4529 2482d 13h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp Android updates from Emile  
4440 2563d 18h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp Android updates from Emile. DONT_BUILD.  
4439 2564d 20h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp More Android. DONT_BUILD.  
4436 2566d 9h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp More Android. DONT_BUILD.  
4434 2566d 15h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp Android code updates, pay no attention. DONT_BUILD.  
4433 2567d 4h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp Partial Android support cleanup. I actually have no idea if this even compiles ;)  
4386 2588d 3h terminx /polymer/eduke32/source/android/android-jni.cpp Some basic changes for Android support. DONT_BUILD.