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8777 556d 8h terminx /source/mact/include/ Remove a bunch of dead code relating to reading and writing configuration data in eduke32.cfg for stuff we don't even support anymore, or that is saved in settings.cfg now instead  
8776 556d 8h terminx /source/mact/include/ Move mouse x-scale and y-scale to the main mouse setup menu and get rid of Advanced Mouse

This also normalizes the scale sliders to a displayed range of 0 - 1.0, and adds in_mousexscale and in_mouseyscale cvars to hold the values.
8550 608d 8h terminx /source/mact/include/ Ultra minor cleanup of CONTROL_KeyboardFunctionPressed() and CONTROL_ClearKeyboardFunction()  
8536 608d 8h terminx /source/mact/include/ Remove in_mousesmoothing and supporting code  
8429 650d 10h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Baselayer: Add keyGetScan and keyFlushScans

Backported from NBlood.
8303 672d 12h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ SW: Fix keyboard input  
8293 672d 12h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ SW: Fix input in menus  
8265 703d 3h ny00123 /source/mact/include/ Make the secondary backslash key of the standard 102-keys PC keyboard layout, also known as a "less than" key, usable. This is the key generally sitting in-between the left shift and Z keys, for the 102-keys QWERTY layout.  
8127 740d 8h terminx /source/mact/include/ "digital axis shit based on mouse movement should be eliminated"  
8105 742d 17h terminx /source/mact/include/ Fix issue where baselayer.h was accidentally included within an extern C block in mouse.h  
7992 776d 15h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Track whether keyboard or gamepad input was last received  
7986 776d 17h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Add gamepad axis inversion toggles  
7985 776d 17h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Rescan for controllers when toggling gamepads back on  
7970 777d 11h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Implement contoller analog 0 in menus very hackishly  
7968 777d 11h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Implement controller defaults  
7947 778d 23h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Fix how analog axis values are used by the game code, part 2: aiming.

Mouse movement is no longer funneled through analog axis handling.
7898 783d 0h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Add CONTROL_ClearAllButtons  
7521 904d 14h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ SW: Hacks to input code just to get it to compile.

Patch from Striker.
7515 904d 14h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Move structs out of animlib.cpp and into animlib.h.

Patch from Striker.
7359 942d 11h hendricks266 /source/mact/include/ Add buildvfs, abstraction layer for file I/O.

Currently it passes calls through to the system libraries as before.

Also adds an incomplete implementation on PhysFS.

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