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1658 3811d 12h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h rotatesprite and multivoc have a rape baby

No, seriously. Adds widescreen aware rotatesprite and works out half a dozen huge problems in the sound system, among other things.
1552 4011d 1h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Ball-busting true client-server multiplayer prototype/alpha/whatever  
1492 4098d 3h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Use C versions of divscale##() instead of asm to work around an overflow with drawmapview(), get rid of leftover custom 'int64' type in favor of int64_t, other minor fixes  
1346 4234d 4h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Remove jmact/types.h in favor of standardized inttypes.h stuff  
1144 4389d 22h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h  
1124 4399d 21h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Enet networking patch from a random dude on IRC, with the addition of my own port of the "unstable" networking code from duke3d_w32 (which is what is actually used in Internet play)  
1121 4405d 22h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h  
1089 4437d 1h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h  
1018 4479d 1h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h  
813 4534d 22h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h read/write binds to/from binds.cfg  
649 4635d 6h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Remove -Wno-unused from Makefile  
403 5101d 5h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Support for a version string to stick in the lower right hand corner of the OSD  
400 5101d 12h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Blah blah blah  
127 5326d 9h terminx /source/mact/include/_control.h Better mouse movement  
5 5342d 13h Plagman /source/mact/include/_control.h Importing source for great justice  

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