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58 2962d 8h h266 /nw_plus/ add setlocal parameter to batch file and fix exclamation points  
57 2970d 4h h266 /nw_plus/ print debug final command line before executing command  
56 2981d 6h h266 /nw_plus/ batch improvements:
- SVN updating now displays the SVN commit log for changes
- for further UNC compatibility, all instances of "%~dp0" are replaced with a variable set after the pushd
55 2989d 10h h266 /nw_plus/ add support for UNC paths  
54 3009d 11h h266 /nwinter/8bit/nwsanta/ Add Santa overhead frames by Captain Awesome. Currently unimplemented due to lack of capability.  
53 3009d 11h h266 /nwinter/ newly remade edit of the Gremlins theme based on a lossless source rather than an MP3 source  
/nwinter/extra/music/Jerry Goldsmith - The Gremlin Rag.mp3
52 3012d 15h h266 /nw_plus/ minor changes  
51 3031d 8h h266 /nw_plus/ pause at the end of debug execution  
50 3031d 13h h266 /nw_plus/ installer improvements (and major bug fix)  
49 3032d 4h h266 /nw_plus/ grp existence check rewritten
the add-on grp will be detected if it is either in the addondir or the exedir
the batch file will now look for the following add-on grps: nwinter.grp nwinter_demo.grp
a custom add-on grp name can be specified by using the environment variable %nwgrpname%
48 3032d 11h h266 /nw_plus/ add additional debug info: full command line input  
47 3032d 11h h266 /nw_plus/ fix big fail with SVN auto-updating  
46 3032d 11h h266 /nw_plus/utils/ add statically-linked wget.exe  
45 3032d 17h h266 /nw_plus/ add additional svn source  
44 3034d 1h h266 /nwinter/ add (currently unused) widescreen images for 2492, 3240/3245  
43 3034d 2h h266 /nw_plus/ replace checksum program with Windows-native version (no DLL dependencies, woot!)
remove freaking DLLs, they're not needed any more
batch file improvements:
support for theoretically infinite number of subfolders
capitalization tweaks
better installation error prevention, detection, and handling
42 3037d 9h h266 /nw_plus/ batch file improvement  
41 3044d 6h h266 /nw_plus/ add workaround for Microsoft Security Essentials "change dir to system32" bug  
40 3045d 6h h266 /nw_plus/ fix saving of correct GRP version (escape process when a match is found)
don't erase variables used within script at end; save for reuse and examination
39 3045d 6h h266 /nw_plus/ fix stupid typo with assignment/comparison equals  

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