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42 3030d 6h h266 / batch file improvement  
41 3037d 4h h266 / add workaround for Microsoft Security Essentials "change dir to system32" bug  
40 3038d 3h h266 / fix saving of correct GRP version (escape process when a match is found)
don't erase variables used within script at end; save for reuse and examination
39 3038d 4h h266 / fix stupid typo with assignment/comparison equals  
38 3039d 5h h266 / add automatic detection of more SVN clients  
37 3039d 9h h266 / batch file improvements  
36 3039d 10h h266 / add msys-iconv-2.dll  
35 3040d 1h h266 / The batch file will now try to update the SVN repository after EDuke32 is launched, if applicable.
Remove 757 pal 24 def error.
34 3040d 7h h266 / More documentation updates.  
33 3040d 7h h266 / Give the documentation a much-needed update.  
32 3040d 8h h266 / add more dlls  
31 3040d 8h h266 / add msys-1.0.dll  
30 3042d 6h h266 / add level summaries to NWINTRO.TXT
add correct enemy name notation to data
batch updates:
utilize pushd/popd
improve checksumming
add support for demo GRP not causing an infinite loop
29 3046d 5h h266 / Prevent redundant inclusion of directories.  
28 3046d 10h h266 / If there are no conflicting files in the exedir, extract GAME.CON, DEFS.CON, and USER.CON from DUKE3D.GRP to prevent conflicts in other GRPs and folders.  
27 3046d 10h h266 / Added checksum identification for conflicting CON files from the original add-on, performed during installation/map patching.
Added checksum verification for newly installed GRP files.
Map patch version number bumped.
26 3046d 20h h266 / map patch update
Polymer Police: 3726, 3739-3741
("Polymer Police" means I have gone through the list of tiles which are variations on normal HRP tiles, and any tile numbers listed means I have found new work done on the upstream tile, which I have then replicated on the add-on tile.)
25 3126d 3h h266 / all references to default HRP audited and updated
fix loading of XXX data
Polymer "versions" of crates added
slight tweak to NW1
24 3128d 7h h266 / IPS patches replaced with bspatches.
Patch version bumped.
23 3128d 8h h266 / add bsdiff to utils in anticipation of replacing uips  

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