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76 1586d 0h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ Fix frame name of 3602_fence.md3.  
70 2301d 21h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ Fix the angles of #3600-3602 (fences) and the z-position of a sprite in nwl2.  
67 2545d 20h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ Split highres assets into "nw_hrp/" directory, allowing for easy detachment for those who do not want the HRP.  
65 2578d 16h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ Add voxels of the gift boxes (3782, 3786) thanks to ReaperMan.  
64 2673d 21h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ Fix inconsistencies noticed by LeoD using his script.  
25 3039d 15h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ all references to default HRP audited and updated
fix loading of XXX data
Polymer "versions" of crates added
slight tweak to NW1
13 3058d 18h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ batch file improvements:
Running the debug .bat now launches the debug EDuke32.
Very smart detection of EDuke32, NW+, and NWHRP directories.
Mapster32 launcher brought up to par with EDuke32 launcher's new features.
2 3101d 16h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ Ignoring Thumbs.db.  
1 3101d 17h h266 /nw_hrp/sprites/ Initial commit.