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8 3526d 4h h266 /nw_plus Appearance of final boss in NWL7 fixed.
Snow Commander now shoots freezeblasts more rapidly. When the player is frozen, it will now approach and spin, which will now break the ice.
The Santa skin now works on HoloDukes and the shrinking/steroids blur effect.
Chandelier (#3778) now breakable.
Old HRP redfont commented out.
Santa shoots the player's RPGs now, not the Commander's.
NWL7 map improvements
7 3528d 8h h266 /nw_plus add nw_debug.bat
cleanup NWActor.con
other very minor changes
6 3561d 23h h266 /nw_plus Batch file tweaks.  
5 3562d 4h h266 /nw_plus Update map IPS patches.  
4 3563d 2h h266 /nw_plus Added Mapster32+DP batch file.
Edited docs.
3 3563d 8h h266 /nw_plus Add NW beta art recovered from Deadly Kiss data dump to extra/, just for fun.
Update docs.
2 3565d 2h h266 /nw_plus Ignoring Thumbs.db.  
1 3565d 2h h266 /nw_plus Initial commit.