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19 3143d 3h h266 /nw_plus/NW_Debug.bat Fix mistake in editor .bat merge.  
18 3143d 4h h266 /nw_plus/NW_Debug.bat wrapper .bat files now only set environment variable flags and do not pass any parameters themselves
Mapster32 .bat code merged into main .bat (wrapper .bat still exists)
all grunt work merged into main launcher
massive improvements on the loading of files in the root directory
polymer_hrp\ subdirectory automatically included along with .zip files
add STAYPUT elves to zoo
re-add white 8-bit digitalnum, but don't undefine hightile
16 3143d 9h h266 /nw_plus/NW_Debug.bat generate and use custom NAMES.H in Mapster32 launcher
batch file directory detection fixes and improvements
wrapper batch file improvements
zoo improvements
13 3145d 6h h266 /nw_plus/NW_Debug.bat batch file improvements:
Running the debug .bat now launches the debug EDuke32.
Very smart detection of EDuke32, NW+, and NWHRP directories.
Mapster32 launcher brought up to par with EDuke32 launcher's new features.
7 3151d 10h h266 /nw_plus/NW_Debug.bat add nw_debug.bat
cleanup NWActor.con
other very minor changes