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// Extra additions to the game - Polymost [Megaton] HRP
//echo "Polymost [Megaton] High Resolution Pack (version 5.3.565)"
//echo "Polymost [Megaton] High Resolution Pack - Repository Snapshot >= 5.3.566"
// You have to copy/rename duke3d_hrp_megaton.def to duke3d_hrp.def
// in order to activate the Polymost [Megaton] HRP.
// Alternatively you can start EDuke32 with -hduke3d_hrp_megaton.def,
9,11 → 6,14
// but this may not work in conjunction with mods like DukePlus.
// If you are using the Megaton Override Pack, you should be fine already.
//echo "Polymost [Megaton] High Resolution Pack (version 5.4.674)"
//echo "Polymost [Megaton] High Resolution Pack - Repository Snapshot >= 5.4.675"
include highres/music.def
include highres/screen_polymost.def
//include highres/skyboxes.def
//include highres/sounds.def
include highres/screen_megaton.def
// include highres/skyboxes.def
// include highres/sounds.def
include highres/sprites_megaton.def
include highres/textures_polymost.def