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Ignore whitespace Rev 4115 → Rev 4129

195,8 → 195,8
cp $top/$source/source/lunatic/test/{delmusicsfx,helixspawner}.lua lunatic/test
echo zip -r -y -9 $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$ * -x "*.svn*"
zip -r -y -9 $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$ * -x "*.svn*"
echo 7z a -mx9 -t7z $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$head.7z *
7z a -mx9 -t7z $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$head.7z *
# Remove the packaged Lunatic test/demo files.
if [ -n "$BUILD_LUNATIC" ]; then
224,8 → 224,8
rm -r ${basename}_$date-$head/$i
echo tar cjf ${basename}_src_$date-$head.tar.bz2 ${basename}_$date-$head
tar cjf ${basename}_src_$date-$head.tar.bz2 ${basename}_$date-$head
echo tar cJf ${basename}_src_$date-$head.tar.xz ${basename}_$date-$head
tar cJf ${basename}_src_$date-$head.tar.xz ${basename}_$date-$head
rm -r ${basename}_$date-$head
# clean up the revision header
247,7 → 247,7
chown -R :$group $output/$date-$head
# link to the new archive
ln -sf $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$ $output/
ln -sf $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$head.7z $output/eduke32_latest.7z
rm -f $lockfile