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Ignore whitespace Rev 4960 → Rev 4961

9079,8 → 9079,9
# if !defined DEBUG_MAIN_ARRAYS
void *blockptr = NULL;
#elif !defined DEBUG_MAIN_ARRAYS
static spriteext_t spriteext_s[MAXSPRITES+MAXUNIQHUDID];
static spritesmooth_t spritesmooth_s[MAXSPRITES+MAXUNIQHUDID];
static sectortype sector_s[MAXSECTORS + M32_FIXME_SECTORS];
9087,9 → 9088,6
static walltype wall_s[MAXWALLS + M32_FIXME_WALLS];
static spritetype sprite_s[MAXSPRITES];
static tspritetype tsprite_s[MAXSPRITESONSCREEN];
# endif
void *blockptr = NULL;
int32_t preinitengine(void)
9142,8 → 9140,7
# if !defined DEBUG_MAIN_ARRAYS
#elif !defined DEBUG_MAIN_ARRAYS
sector = sector_s;
wall = wall_s;
sprite = sprite_s;
9150,7 → 9147,6
tsprite = tsprite_s;
spriteext = spriteext_s;
spritesmooth = spritesmooth_s;
# endif
if ((e = Bgetenv("BUILD_NOP6")) != NULL)
112,11 → 112,22
G_EXTERN int32_t *labelcode,*labeltype;
G_EXTERN intptr_t *script;
G_EXTERN map_t MapInfo[(MAXVOLUMES+1)*MAXLEVELS]; // +1 volume for "intro", "briefing" and "loading" music
// XXX: I think this pragma pack is meaningless here.
// MSDN ( says:
// "pack takes effect at the first struct, union, or class declaration after
// the pragma is seen; pack has no effect on definitions."
#pragma pack(push,1)
G_EXTERN playerdata_t g_player[MAXPLAYERS];
#ifdef global_c_
static playerdata_t g_player_s[1 + MAXPLAYERS];
playerdata_t *const g_player = &g_player_s[1];
extern playerdata_t *const g_player;
G_EXTERN playerspawn_t g_playerSpawnPoints[MAXPLAYERS];
#pragma pack(pop)
G_EXTERN projectile_t ProjectileData[MAXTILES];
G_EXTERN projectile_t SpriteProjectile[MAXSPRITES];
G_EXTERN sound_t g_sounds[MAXSOUNDS];
129,32 → 140,32
G_EXTERN int32_t g_noEnemies;
#ifndef global_c_
G_EXTERN const char *s_buildDate;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_spriteGravity;
G_EXTERN int16_t g_spriteDeleteQueueSize;
G_EXTERN char EpisodeNames[MAXVOLUMES][33];
G_EXTERN char SkillNames[MAXSKILLS][33];
G_EXTERN char GametypeNames[MAXGAMETYPES][33];
G_EXTERN int32_t GametypeFlags[MAXGAMETYPES];
G_EXTERN char g_numGametypes;
G_EXTERN char g_numVolumes;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_timerTicsPerSecond;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_actorRespawnTime;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_itemRespawnTime;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_scriptSize;
G_EXTERN int16_t BlimpSpawnSprites[15];
G_EXTERN int32_t g_playerFriction;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_numFreezeBounces;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_lastSaveSlot;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_rpgBlastRadius;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_pipebombBlastRadius;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_tripbombBlastRadius;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_shrinkerBlastRadius;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_morterBlastRadius;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_bouncemineBlastRadius;
G_EXTERN int32_t g_seenineBlastRadius;
G_EXTERN char CheatKeys[2];
G_EXTERN char setupfilename[BMAX_PATH];
extern const char *s_buildDate;
extern int32_t g_spriteGravity;
extern int16_t g_spriteDeleteQueueSize;
extern char EpisodeNames[MAXVOLUMES][33];
extern char SkillNames[MAXSKILLS][33];
extern char GametypeNames[MAXGAMETYPES][33];
extern int32_t GametypeFlags[MAXGAMETYPES];
extern char g_numGametypes;
extern char g_numVolumes;
extern int32_t g_timerTicsPerSecond;
extern int32_t g_actorRespawnTime;
extern int32_t g_itemRespawnTime;
extern int32_t g_scriptSize;
extern int16_t BlimpSpawnSprites[15];
extern int32_t g_playerFriction;
extern int32_t g_numFreezeBounces;
extern int32_t g_lastSaveSlot;
extern int32_t g_rpgBlastRadius;
extern int32_t g_pipebombBlastRadius;
extern int32_t g_tripbombBlastRadius;
extern int32_t g_shrinkerBlastRadius;
extern int32_t g_morterBlastRadius;
extern int32_t g_bouncemineBlastRadius;
extern int32_t g_seenineBlastRadius;
extern char CheatKeys[2];
extern char setupfilename[BMAX_PATH];
#ifdef __cplusplus
640,7 → 640,7
actor_t actor[MAXSPRITES];
camera_t g_camera;
user_defs ud;
playerdata_t g_player[MAXPLAYERS];
playerdata_t *const g_player;
DukePlayer_t *g_player_ps[MAXPLAYERS];
weapondata_x_MAX_WEAPONS g_playerWeapon[MAXPLAYERS];
weapondata_t g_weaponOverridden[MAX_WEAPONS];
328,7 → 328,7
extern input_t inputfifo[MOVEFIFOSIZ][MAXPLAYERS];
extern playerspawn_t g_playerSpawnPoints[MAXPLAYERS];
extern playerdata_t g_player[MAXPLAYERS];
extern playerdata_t *const g_player;
extern int16_t WeaponPickupSprites[MAX_WEAPONS];
extern hudweapon_t hudweap;
extern int32_t g_levelTextTime;