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101,7 → 101,9
echo mv -f mapster32$exe "$package/mapster32.debug$exe"
mv -f mapster32$exe "$package/mapster32.debug$exe"
if [ -n "`echo $headlog | grep BUILD_LUNATIC`" ]; then
BUILD_LUNATIC="`echo $headlog | grep BUILD_LUNATIC`"
if [ -n "$BUILD_LUNATIC" ]; then
# clean the tree and build Lunatic (pre-)release next
echo "${make[@]}" LUNATIC=1 $clean all
"${make[@]}" LUNATIC=1 $clean all
146,11 → 148,28
# create the output directory
mkdir $output/$date-$head
# package the binary snapshot
cd $package
# Package some Lunatic test and demo files.
if [ -n "$BUILD_LUNATIC" ]; then
mkdir -p lunatic/test
cp $top/$source/source/lunatic/test.lua lunatic
cp $top/$source/source/lunatic/test/test_{bitar,geom,rotspr}.lua lunatic/test
cp $top/$source/source/lunatic/test/{delmusicsfx,helixspawner}.lua lunatic/test
echo zip -r -y -9 $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$ * -x "*.svn*"
zip -r -y -9 $output/$date-$head/${basename}_${platform}_$date-$ * -x "*.svn*"
# Remove the packaged Lunatic test/demo files.
if [ -n "$BUILD_LUNATIC" ]; then
rm lunatic/test/*.lua lunatic/test.lua
rmdir lunatic/test
rmdir lunatic
cd $top/$source
# hack to restore [e]obj/