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int32_t sdlayer_checkversion(void)
SDL_version compiled;
SDL_version linked_;
const SDL_version *linked = &linked_;
SDL_version linked;
initprintf("Initializing SDL system interface "
"(compiled against SDL version %d.%d.%d, found version %d.%d.%d)\n",
compiled.major, compiled.minor, compiled.patch, linked->major, linked->minor, linked->patch);
compiled.major, compiled.minor, compiled.patch, linked.major, linked.minor, linked.patch);
if (SDL_VERSIONNUM(linked->major,linked->minor,linked->patch) < SDL_REQUIREDVERSION)
if (SDL_VERSIONNUM(linked.major, linked.minor, linked.patch) < SDL_REQUIREDVERSION)
/*reject running under SDL versions older than what is stated in sdl_inc.h */
initprintf("You need at least v%d.%d.%d of SDL to run this game\n",SDL_MIN_X,SDL_MIN_Y,SDL_MIN_Z);