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Regard whitespace Rev 26 → Rev 27

20,7 → 20,7
set action=editing
set addonver=r003
set addonver=r004
65,7 → 65,7
goto nonwgrp
) )
if not exist goto mapextract
if not exist goto mapextract
if not exist goto mapextract
152,13 → 152,18
if not exist %cddrive%:\ goto cdno
if not exist %cddrive%:\* goto cdno
if not exist %cddrive%:\GAMEDATA\NWINTER.GRP goto cdw
copy %cddrive%:GAMEDATA\NWINTER.GRP .\
copy %cddrive%:GAMEDATA\NWINTER.GRP .\nwinter.grp
goto nonwgrp_done
echo a6728f621f121f9db02ee67c39efdbb5eea95711 *nwinter.grp | "%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\sha1sum.exe" --status --check -
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" echo NWINTER.GRP checksum verified.
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" echo NWINTER.GRP checksum does not match. You may have a bad copy.
goto nonwgrp_return
echo '%cddrive%' is not valid. Please try again.
goto retry
192,7 → 197,7
md nw_preserve
if exist nwl*.map move /y nwl*.map nw_preserve\
if exist "%exedir%\nwl*.map" move /y "%exedir%\nwl*.map" nw_preserve\
utils\windows\win32\kextract.exe NWINTER.GRP E2L*.MAP
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\kextract.exe" NWINTER.GRP E2L*.MAP
ren E2L1.MAP
ren E2L2.MAP
ren E2L3.MAP
208,14 → 213,14
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl1.patch
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl2.patch
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl3.patch
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl4.patch
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl5.patch
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl6.patch
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl7.patch
utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe nwl8.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl1.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl2.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl3.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl4.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl5.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl6.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl7.patch
"%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\bspatch.exe" nwl8.patch
if exist nwpatch*.h266 del /f /q nwpatch*.h266
if exist nwflag*.h266 del /f /q nwflag*.h266
echo Do not delete this file^! You will be forced to reinstall NW+ and repatch the maps. >nwflag_%addonver%.h266
247,6 → 252,11
if exist TILES014.ART goto artfound
if exist TILES015.ART goto artfound
call :checksum c6b8ca33ea6a2ec46b8dfeca4f9a3d5e078d0789 NWACTOR.CON "NWINTER file detected and neutralized:"
call :checksum fdb91aa2912f16232ed9020a7d8ec35834ef58c8 NWDEFS.CON "NWINTER file detected and neutralized:"
call :checksum 2bb2ddc7319e0935569b724f3c67cb953fdb79d6 NWINTER.CON "NWINTER file detected and neutralized:"
call :checksum 5ae347733be1f87f35d1930186de1ed764f4682f NWSNOW.CON "NWINTER file detected and neutralized:"
call :checksum 5df8b3b4216dcfdb8bc0adf6241f8a893eacfd98 NWUSER.CON "NWINTER file detected and neutralized:"
if exist NWinter.con goto confound
if exist NWActor.con goto confound
if exist NWDefs.con goto confound
261,6 → 271,15
goto restart
if not exist "%~2" goto :eof
echo %~1 *%~2 | "%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\sha1sum.exe" --status --check -
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" (
ren "%~2" "NWOld_%~nx2"
echo %~3 %~nx2
goto :eof
echo Error: You don't have all the *.patch files in your directory.
Cannot display: file marked as a binary type.
svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream
Property changes:
Added: svn:mime-type
\ No newline at end of property