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1,14 → 1,15
@echo off
@color 0C
pushd "%~dp0"
set startdir=%cd%
title Duke: Nuclear Winter Plus Launcher
if "%editor%"=="1" title Duke: Nuclear Winter Plus Editor Launcher
set exedir=%~dp0
set addondir=%~dp0
set addonhrpdir=%~dp0
set exedir=%startdir%
set addondir=%startdir%
set addonhrpdir=%startdir%
set exename=eduke32
set exeproper=EDuke32
147,7 → 148,7
set svnpath=0
if "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist "%~dp0\svn\bin\svn.exe" set svnpath=%~dp0\svn\bin
if "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist "%startdir%\svn\bin\svn.exe" set svnpath=%startdir%\svn\bin
if "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist "%exedir%\svn\bin\svn.exe" set svnpath=%exedir%\svn\bin
if "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist "%ProgramFiles%\SlikSvn\bin\svn.exe" set svnpath=%ProgramFiles%\SlikSvn\bin
if "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\SlikSvn\bin\svn.exe" set svnpath=%ProgramFiles(x86)%\SlikSvn\bin
158,12 → 159,25
if "%svnpath%"=="0" for %%S in (svn.exe) do if exist "%%~dp$PATH:S" set svnpath=%%~dp$PATH:S
chdir /d "%addondir%"
if not "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist ".svn" "%svnpath%\svn.exe" update
if not "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist ".svn" call :svn_action
chdir /d "%addonhrpdir%"
if not "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist ".svn" "%svnpath%\svn.exe" update
if not "%svnpath%"=="0" if exist ".svn" call :svn_action
goto end
set PATH=%PATH%;%svnpath%
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('svnversion.exe .') do @set oldrev=%%a
"svn.exe" update
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('svnversion.exe .') do @set rev=%%a
if %rev% EQU %oldrev% goto :eof
set /a oldrev=%oldrev% + 1
"svn.exe" log -r %oldrev%:%rev%
goto :eof
echo Error: You don't have NWINTER.GRP in your directory.
207,8 → 221,8
goto :eof
pushd .
if exist "%addondir%\%nwgrpname%" cd /d %addondir%
if exist "%exedir%\%nwgrpname%" cd /d %exedir%
if exist "%addondir%\%nwgrpname%" chdir /d %addondir%
if exist "%exedir%\%nwgrpname%" chdir /d %exedir%
echo a6728f621f121f9db02ee67c39efdbb5eea95711 *%nwgrpname% | "%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\sha1sum.exe" --status --check -
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" set version=full && popd && goto :eof
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" echo 1b33b2cbb7101b5b18b15855392f55575413ecc3 *%nwgrpname% | "%addondir%\utils\windows\win32\sha1sum.exe" --status --check -
426,10 → 440,10
if exist %exename%.bat goto execheck_done
if exist %exename%.exe goto recheck
set prevdir=%cd%
if not "%cd%"=="%cd:~0,3%" cd ..
if not "%cd%"=="%cd:~0,3%" chdir ..
if not "%cd%"=="%prevdir%" goto execheck
echo Warning: You don't have %exeproper% in your directory.
chdir /d "%~dp0"
chdir /d "%startdir%"
goto execheck_done