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mkdir nw_preserve
if exist nwl*.map move /y nwl*.map nw_preserve\
if exist "%exedir%\nwl*.map" move /y "%exedir%\nwl*.map" nw_preserve\
"%kextract%" nwinter.grp E2L*.MAP
:: TODO: eliminate the need for the if exist checks; tighten up path handling
set grp=nwinter.grp
if exist "%addondir%\%nwgrpname%" set grp=%addondir%\%nwgrpname%
if exist "%exedir%\%nwgrpname%" set grp=%exedir%\%nwgrpname%
"%kextract%" "%grp%" E2L*.MAP
ren E2L1.MAP
ren E2L2.MAP
ren E2L3.MAP