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| Wanton Destruction |
--------- by |---------------
| Sunstorm Interactive Inc. |
Thanks for purchasing Wanton Destruction by Sunstorm Interactive,
an official episode add-on for Shadow Warrior! We appreciate
your business, and hope you will enjoy these all new top quality
levels. Be sure to look for other great Sunstorm Interactive add-on
episodes for all your favorite 3D games! You can find them at your
favorite software retailer, and be sure to stop by our home on the
web at for more information on all of our products.
About Wanton Destruction
Lo Wang has traveled to San Francisco's Chinatown to visit
some relatives when he discovers that the minions of Zilla
are still running rampant through the otherwise honorable Chinese
community. Gathering his familiar weapons, Lo Wang must traverse
many interesting and varied locales in an attempt to extinguish
Zilla's empire for good. This adventure will ultimately take
him back across the Pacific ocean in an ill-fated jetliner
where Lo Wang must not only survive a horrific plane crash,
but the final terror of Zilla himself high above the streets
of Tokyo!
Wanton Destruction will take you on a whirlwind tour of the
pacific rim as Lo Wang faces many exciting new obstacles and
fantastic locations. In addition to the breathtaking scenery,
Lo Wang will meet two of Zilla's new henchmen; the underhanded
Tong Hitman, and the diabolical Reveller. Both trained to take
out Lo Wang on sight!
Wanton Destruction features twelve of the most eye popping levels
you will ever trip through! Featuring: Chinatown, Monastery Gardens,
San Francisco Trolley Yards, Chinese Restaurant, Skyscraper Under
Construction, on board a 747, high tech Secret Military Base,
Japanese Bullet Train, Zilla's Auto Factory, and Tokyo Rooftops.
in addition, the episode contains not one, but two full size super
secret levels that will have you on the edge of your seat! In
addition, wev'e included three all new Wangbang-only levels as well
as a capture the flag level!
Producer Anthony Campiti
Project Leaders Charlie Wiederhold
Robert Travis
Level Design Charlie Wiederhold
Robert Travis
Matt Harris
Cho Yan Wong
Tyler Larsen
John Leonard
Tim Nolan
Art Dave Manuel
Mike Buck
Programming Dave Eaton
Jim Boer
Testing Dick Svendson
Shadow Warrior is a registered trademark of 3D Realms Inc.