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=EDuke32 ChangeLog=

==1.4.0 beta 2=
 - Core: reworked/enhanced Polymost shading
 - Core: cleaned up code to properly build without Polymost/OpenGL support
 - Core: added widescreen support for Polymost
 - Core: added support for toggling correct HUD model rendering on/off
 - Core: removed broken support for linking OpenGL statically
 - Core: added support for DDS textures (JF)
 - Core: added support for dynamically loading GTK (JF)

 - Game: new startup window (JF)
 - Game: added support for using the mouse and a joystick simultaneously (JF)
 - Game: fixed an issue preventing skill selection, bonus screen and episode ending animation sounds from playing
 - Game: fixed a problem where the player was unable to exit some pools of water in some maps
 - Game: made further adjustments to the weapon properties in order to more closely emulate Duke 1.5
 - Game: fixed an issue where you could disable map exits in multiplayer, have all players quit, start a single player game and then have exits continue to kill you

 - Multiplayer: fixed numerous minor bugs in the voting system
 - Multiplayer: added a more noticeable message to indicate that the player hasn't voted yet in an active vote
 - Multiplayer: added support for /me in text chat
 - Multiplayer: increased size of player chat icon
 - Multiplayer: added "nat-free" support from Adam Fazakerley
 - Multiplayer: fixed inventory respawn bug
 - Multiplayer: minor fixes to DukesterX 1.5 compatibility wrapper

 - CON: reworked movement_lock member of the player struct to use bit flags
 - CON: reworked findnearactor3d, findnearactor3dvar, findnearsprite3d, and findnearsprite3dvar
 - CON: added findnearactorz, findnearactorzvar, findnearspritez, and findnearspritezvar
 - CON: added WEAPON_FLAG_RESET (65536) to weapon system in order to properly emulate the chaingun and freezer
 - CON: fixed "eshoot" and added "ezshoot"
 - CON: reworked weapon system; note that your custom weapons may need adjustments to work again
 - CON: updated sample enhance.con

==1.4.0 beta 1=
 - Core: added support for defining dummy tiles in the def files to eliminate the need for placeholders for hightile art
 - Core: added a temporary projection hack to reduce HOM at the top and bottom of the screen
 - Core: fixed P2P multiplayer with more than two players
 - Core: fixed a nasty memory corruption issue with screen tinting that resulted in crashes in the classic renderer
 - Core: fixed a palette issue with the in-game textured 2D map in Polymost
 - Core: fixed a mouse input bug in winlayer that resulted in loss of input precision
 - Core: modified the def loader to perform two passes; one to load GRPs early in game startup, and one to do the rest later on
 - Core: tweaks to caching system to leave more memory available for hightile art
 - Core: proper alpha sorting on md3 models
 - Core: removed usegoodalpha in favor of an alternate sprite sorting algorithm (note: rendering glitches may occur)
 - Core: attempt to correct display perspective in order to properly display HUD models
 - Core: netcode packet rate now 26 (was 40)
 - Core: don't use 100% CPU when waiting for players to join a multiplayer game
 - Core: reduce mouse wheel input lock time to 25ms (was 100ms)

 - Game: completely reworked mouse sensitivity and added an input filter slider
 - Game: changed the weapon switching to be less restrictive in order to assist weapon changes via mouse wheel
 - Game: added support for alt+enter to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
 - Game: added an option to disable demo playback cameras
 - Game: added support for scaling the crosshair to 1/2 or 1/4 normal size
 - Game: added an option to enable autoaim only for hitscan weapons (bullets)
 - Game: changed the default video mode to 1024x768x32 and added several fallback choices
 - Game: reworked the quicksave and quickload functions such as to not prompt the player on use
 - Game: set the default controls to WSAD + mouse aiming
 - Game: restore the pause key behavior from Duke 1.5 wherein the "GAME PAUSED" message isn't displayed when shift is pressed while pausing
 - Game: fixed an infinite loop and a palette corruption bug regarding the video setup menu and switching to the classic renderer
 - Game: fixed an issue where the automap would scroll itself and/or jitter when the game was paused while moving
 - Game: fixed pistol timing to more closely match Duke 1.5
 - Game: fixed long-standing quick kick animation bug
 - Game: fixed kick attack speed to more closely match Duke 1.5
 - Game: fixed an issue with shift+F5 not allowing selection of music defined for episode 5 and up
 - Game: changed the default menu background to something more pleasing
 - Game: restructured the option menus to make more sense
 - Game: expanded the "HUD weapon" menu option to allow displaying a weapon's pickup sprite instead of the HUD art

 - Multiplayer: Duke Talk menu option can now be set to "all" to hear enemy pain sounds
 - Multiplayer: added an option to disable nuke button exits in deathmatch
 - Multiplayer: greatly improved the text chat by increasing the text buffer size and by implementing basic line wrapping
 - Multiplayer: added a voting system for map changes along with a menu option to automatically vote yes or no
 - Multiplayer: added an icon above the heads of other players for when they're chatting or using the menu
 - Multiplayer: added an option to automatically send messages to all players rather than prompting
 - Multiplayer: added an option to display the name of the opponent you're currently aiming at
 - Multiplayer: added a player setup menu to configure player name, color, macros, and weapon/aiming options mid-game
 - Multiplayer: added support for Rancidmeat network configuration files via -rmnet command line parameter
 - Multiplayer: detect and correct internal vs external IP address issues when using Rancidmeat configuration files
 - Multiplayer: added dummy duke3d_w32.exe to facilitate EDuke32 multiplayer via DukesterX 1.5
 - Multiplayer: added support for in-game selection and loading of different user maps
 - Multiplayer: added support for various player death messages which can be redefined in the CONs
 - Multiplayer: added support for Quake-style color codes in player names and text chat (code format is ^<palette>)
 - Multiplayer: limit player name to 10 characters (not counting color codes)
 - Multiplayer: fixed issue where multiple players trying to step on the same shrunken enemy would kill the game
 - Multiplayer: fixed issue where briefly tapping the jump key would produce a lag effect during the resulting jump
 - Multiplayer: fixed issue where using the jetpack + steroids would produce a lag effect in P2P mode
 - Multiplayer: fixed several out-of-sync issues
 - Multiplayer: fixed a long-standing bug wherein a player death could be counted as both a death and a suicide
 - Multiplayer: fixed screen resizing issue when typing - and = in chat

 - CON: added "save" command to allow the creation of automatic checkpoints
 - CON: added "cansee" and "canseespr" commands to easily determine whether two sprites or sets of coordinates have visibility
 - CON: added "definegamefuncname" command to change the key names used in the configuration file and in the control setup menus
 - CON: added additional safety checks to get/setuserdef/player/sector/sprite/wall/input
 - CON: added support for Quake-style color codes in quotes (code format is ^<palette>)
 - CON: added extra timing checks to the weapon system; note that weapons with strange TOTALTIME and FIREDELAY values may no longer fire
 - CON: save quotes, dynamic-to-static tile remapping information, extended sprite flags and sprite caching info to savegames
 - CON: reworked the quote system to use dynamically allocated memory and doubled the length of each individual quote
 - CON: fixed a savegame issue where some gamevar values may not have been restored properly and added more sanity checks to savegame loading
 - CON: fixed an issue with FRAMEEFFECT1 sprites ending up with the wrong tspr->picnum
 - CON: fixed a potential issue where custom projectiles that hit a player wouldn't knock the player back
 - CON: fixed a bug in the findnearactor3d command and further sped up findnearactor3d and findnearsprite3d
 - CON: fixed an issue where tab characters in CON files could screw up label names
 - CON: fixed a crash that occurred when hitscan type custom projectiles with trails were fired at a wall from a distance of 0
 - CON: removed the RENDERSIZE attribute for weapons
 - CON: made slight optimizations to various commands

 - Console: added the following cvars: "crosshair", "cl_autoaim", "cl_automsg", "cl_autovote", "cl_democams", "cl_drawweapon", "cl_idplayers",
            "cl_messagetime", "cl_mousefilter", "cl_showcoords", "cl_showfps", "cl_smoothinput", "cl_statusbarmode", "cl_statusbarscale",
            "cl_weaponswitch" and "r_precache"
 - Console: added "addpath" command to add a new directory to the game's virtual filesystem pool

 - Mapster32: better smoothing of mouse input when using 3D mode mouselook
 - Mapster32: add ' F key combo to replace nonexistent tiles with tile 0

 - Game: fixed issue with multiplayer switches

 - Core: sync with JFBuild SVN
 - Core: on-disk compressed texture cache for greatly improved level load times (JF)
 - Core: virtual game file system similar to Quake (JF)
 - Core: re-tooled screen tinting and gamma correction in OpenGL (JF)

 - Game: sync with JFDuke3D SVN
 - Game: added option to disable automatic weapon switching (JF)
 - Game: mouse input smoothing (JF)
 - Game: pre-caching of HUD sprites (JF)
 - Game: redesigned game settings menu with several new options
 - Game: menus are now drawn over the status bar rather than under it and have a tinted background in OpenGL
 - Game: FPS counter color now changes when frame rate is under 40
 - Game: added -z# command line parameter to set CON compiler verbosity level
 - Game: added parsing of autoexec.cfg on startup
 - Game: adjusted default tripbomb plant delay to match Duke3D 1.5

 - CON: added getinput/setinput commands to read/write to/from sync[] in conjunction with EVENT_PROCESSINPUT
 - CON: completely rewritten compiler error handling
 - CON: findnearactor/findnearsprite and variants now exponentially faster
 - CON: better handling of duplicate event errors
 - CON: improvements to switch/case commands, fixes several bugs
 - CON: added per-actor flags for controlling shade, shadow, NVG presence, et cetera

 - Console: added "exec", "cmenu", "gamma", "give" and "sensitivity" console commands

 - Mapster32 changes:
        - General: mouse input smoothing (JF)
        - General: informational messages now logged to console and mapster32.log
        - General: improved mass palette change function
        - General: improved mass visibility change function

        - 2D mode: improved search function
        - 2D mode: added shift-G key combination to increase grid size
        - 2D mode: added guide lines to the top and left side of the screen; hold shift for full guide

        - 3D mode: added + and - shortcut keys for incrementing/decrementing tile number
        - 3D mode: added mouse control for commonly used functions
        - 3D mode: refined various status messages
        - 3D mode: mouse cursor now fades from white to black to increase visibility

 - Minor fixes to getwall/setwall
 - Engine updated to newest snapshot

 - Updated to current developmental JFDuke3D and engine, including precaching system.
 - New projectile definition syntax, uses labels like setprojectile
 - Cheat redefinition allowing both the "D" and "N" keys as well as the actual cheats to be changed.
 - Gametype customization via definegametype command
 - Logo and title screen customization via LOGO_FLAGS gamevar
 - All defined labels are now marked as a specific type, guaranteeing more stability and fixing some broken mods.
 - Potential multiplayer sync problems are now reported on startup
 - Con commenting system rewritten to be more error free and allow comments in the middle of commands
 - New quote manipulation abilities, allowing the user to:
    - Redefine quotes mid-game
    - Plug the values of gamevars into quotes
    - Concatenate the contents of one quote onto the end of another
    - Copy one quote to another quote position
 - All event names are now internally defined and no longer need definitions in the CONs.
 - Modified variable system to allow constants in place of read only gamevars and to allow prefixing a variable name with
   a minus to use the negative of the var's value
 - Pitch and roll control for models, accessed via get/setactor[].pitch and .roll.  Also see .mdxoff, .mdyoff and .mdzoff.
 - All hard coded tile definitions are now changeable from defs.con (note: enable dynamic remapping via dynamicremap command)
 - The values of gamevars can be saved to and read from the .cfg
 - Weapon control enhancement: all weapons now have a WEAPONx_RELOADSOUND1 and a WEAPONx_RELOADSOUND2 which control which
   sounds are played when the magazine is inserted or removed.
 - Added WEAPON_FLAG_RELOAD_TIMING (defined as 32768) hack for special reload sound timing on things like the pistol
 - Added the following primitives:
    - definecheat
    - cheatkeys
    - userquote
    - precache
    - projectile
    - redefinequote
    - dynquote
    - getpname
    - qstrcat
    - qstrcpy
    - setsprite
    - rotatepoint
    - dragpoint
    - getzrange
    - changespritestat
    - getceilzofslope
    - getflorzofslope
    - neartag
    - definegametype
    - changespritesect
    - spriteflags
    - savegamevar
    - readgamevar
    - findnearsprite
    - findnearsprite3d
    - findnearspritevar
    - findnearsprite3dvar
    - dynamicremap
 - Miscellaneous cleanups all over the code (the diff is 36,000+ lines!)

 - Updated to current developmental JFDuke3D and engine
 - Added the following primitives:
    - displayrandvar
    - displayrandvarvar
    - checkavailinven
    - globalsoundvar
    - guniqhudid
    - getprojectile
    - getthisprojectile
    - setthisprojectile
 - Modified projectile system as follows:
    - Each projectile in flight now has its own properties which can be set using
      get/setthisprojectile in event 64
    - setprojectile sets the default for all projectiles of that type, whereas
      setthisprojectile only affects the specific projectile
 - Fixed range property not working on RPG type projectiles
 - Upped max sounds to 1500
 - Added support for more/less than 4 episodes.  The number of episodes is defined by
   the last definevolumename instance found upon compilation.  Max is 8.
 - Added EVENT_GETMENUTILE: RETURN value sets background for main menu, set MENU_TILE
   var to 1 for tiled, leave set to 0 for an image that fills the screen.
 - Added EVENT_SPAWN: called every time an actor is spawned, use this to set properties
   on actors at spawn time.
 - Logo animation and splash screens disabled during multiplayer
 - Out of sync fix for event 64
 - Added support for setting the loogiex and loogiey members of the player struct
 - Minor internal changes, bug and compiler warning fixes
 - Added setvar console command for debugging
 - Modified WEAPKEY events; support weapon key remapping (set RETURN to desired weapon num)
 - Mapster32 changes:
    - Fixed bug which disabled creating masked walls
    - Added ' D 2D mode key combination to delete all sprites of a specific picnum
    - Added ' N key combination to enable/disable noclip
    - Fixed a few compiler warnings

 - Updated to current JFDuke3D and engine, which brings the following:
    - MD3 support
    - fixed network sync issues
    - minor renderer fixes
 - Player movement events now work in multiplayer (thanks JonoF)
 - Added sound_pitch member to player struct
 - Added multi-purpose event "64" which runs on all sprites in the game, allowing for
   manipulation of virtually everything in the game world
 - Added user-definable colored fog: simply add lines similar to the following to your duke3d.def:
   fogpal <palette number> <red intensity> <green intensity> <blue intensity>
   Intensities range from 0-63, and palettes 26, 27, 28 and 29 are pre-defined for you as
   white, red, green and blue respectively.  Sector visibility controls fog density.
 - Added movement_lock[] member to player struct.  Functionality will be explained upon request
   until the wiki is updated.  As can be guessed, this is used to lock player movement.
 - Fixed a couple of reload bugs
 - Projectile system internally optimized and improved (ripped out remnants of variable based
   system as well as modified the system to restore projectile defaults on game restart)
 - Added the following primitives:
    - movesprite 
    - checkavailweapon
    - updatesectorz
    - ssp
    - stopallsounds
    - soundoncevar
    - stopsoundvar 
   Movesprite, checkavailweapon, updatesectorz and ssp work exactly as their
   internal counterparts do.  The sound commands are self-explanatory.
 - Minor fixes to the error handling system -- it is now impossible to redefine internal
   pointer gamevars.  Some error messages also made more descriptive.
 - Fixed handling of bad CON files
 - Added "-condebug" command line parameter which prints one line to the init window per line
   compiled.  This is useful in cases where you've encountered a bug in the CON parser which
   throws you into an infinite loop on compile, as you can see where the problem happened.
 - Fixed "DNITEMS" cheat not triggering item cheat events
 - CON commands "addlog" and "addlogvar" now print to console and log to eduke32.log
   with all of the other log information rather than log.log
 - Fixed multiplayer menu problem
 - Added PROJECTILE_FLAG_RPG_IMPACT (defined as 32768) to projectile flags.  This flag causes
   an RPG type projectile to directly damage whatever it hits rather than do radius damage.
 - By request, changed how Duke moves when submerging into and emerging from underwater sectors
 - Various minor code clean-ups and fixes

 - Mapster32 changes:
    - Added ' 5 2D mode key combination for changing the shade of every parallaxed ceiling
      on the map at once
    - Added ' 6 2D mode key combination for changing the height of every parallaxed ceiling
      on the map at once
    - Added ' Z 2D mode key combination for offsetting an entire map on the Z plane.  This
      is useful for merging sections of maps into other maps.
    - Added Left ALT ' 7 2D mode key combination for scaling the entire map (multiply)
    - Added Left ALT ' 8 2D mode key combination for scaling the entire map (divide)
    - Added ' M key combination for setting .extra member (this is the SW middle tag)
    - Help menus re-organized to be more useful
    - Added ' P 3D mode key combination to set palette on all sectors selected in 2D mode
    - Added ; V 3D mode key combination to set visibility on all sectors selected in 2D mode
    - Added support for running without lookup.dat (obviously, this will disable alt pals)

 - Updated to current JFDuke3D and JFBuild release, see releasenotes.html for details
 - Mapster32 updated to 1.0.1, hit F1 in 2D mode for new feature rundown
 - Added "spritenoshade" command.  This command works just like spritenvg and spriteshadow, and does
   exactly what it claims to do.
 - Fixed 1.2.0 bug which made the player's APLAYER sprite's position shift across the map each time a
   bullet hole was left on a wall.

 - Updated to current JFDuke3D and JFBuild release, see releasenotes.html for details
 - Introduction of Mapster32, the enhanced Build editor version 1.0.0
 - Lots of miscellaneous code clean-ups and bug fixes
 - Fixed pre-placed tripbomb bug from EDuke32 1.0.0
 - Increased MAXCYCLERS to 1024
 - Renumbered EVENT_AIMDOWN to be event 63
 - Ripped out unused NAM and WW2GI-specific code
 - Ripped out unused code specific to foreign, demo and beta versions of Duke
 - Added several new primitives, as follows:
    - whilevarn
    - switch
    - case
    - default
    - endswitch
    - shootvar
    - soundvar
    - findplayer
    - findotherplayer
    - activatebysector
    - operatesectors
    - operateactivators
    - operatemasterswitches
    - checkactivatormotion
    - zshoot
    - dist
    - ldist
    - shiftvarl
    - shitvarr
    - spritenvg
    - getangle
    - whilevarvarn
    - hitscan
    - getplayervar
    - setplayervar
    - mulscale
    - setaspect
   Descriptions of these commands will be available soon on EDukeWiki
 - Added "reloading" member to player struct (1 when reloading, 0 when not, weapon changes blocked while 1)
 - Fixed setuserdef
 - Fixed eventloadactor
 - Added ud.statusbarscale to get/setuserdef
 - Restricted all screen drawing commands to events
 - Fixed issues with several events
 - SHOTSPARK1 now sets temp_data[6-8] to hitwall, hitsect and hitspr, in that order
 - Tweaked the operation of weapons to allow identical operation to Duke3D 1.5 (may cause issues with some existing mods)
 - All effector sprites now made non-blockable non-hitscan-sensitive on map start
 - Added "range" field to custom projectile system