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                <title>ChangeLog for EDuke32</title>
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                <h1>ChangeLog for EDuke32</h1>
                <p>1.4.0 beta 2, released July 18, 2006</p>

                <h2>Core changes</h2>
            <li>reworked/enhanced Polymost shading</li>
            <li>cleaned up code to properly build without Polymost/OpenGL support</li>
            <li>added widescreen support for Polymost</li>
            <li>added support for toggling correct HUD model rendering on/off</li>
            <li>removed broken support for linking OpenGL statically</li>
            <li>added support for DDS textures (JF)</li>
            <li>added support for dynamically loading GTK (JF)</li>
                <h2>Game changes</h2>
            <li>new startup window (JF)</li>
            <li>added support for using the mouse and a joystick simultaneously (JF)</li>
            <li>fixed an issue preventing skill selection, bonus screen and episode ending animation sounds from playing</li>
            <li>fixed a problem where the player was unable to exit some pools of water in some maps</li>
            <li>made further adjustments to the weapon properties in order to more closely emulate Duke 1.5</li>
            <li>fixed an issue where you could disable map exits in multiplayer, have all players quit, start a single player game and then have exits continue to kill you</li>
                <h2>Multiplayer changes</h2>
            <li>fixed numerous minor bugs in the voting system</li>
            <li>added a more noticeable message to indicate that the player hasn't voted yet in an active vote</li>
            <li>added support for /me in text chat</li>
            <li>increased size of player chat icon</li>
            <li>added "nat-free" support from Adam Fazakerley</li>
            <li>fixed inventory respawn bug</li>
            <li>minor fixes to DukesterX 1.5 compatibility wrapper</li>
                <h2>CON changes</h2>
            <li>reworked movement_lock member of the player struct to use bit flags</li>
            <li>reworked findnearactor3d, findnearactor3dvar, findnearsprite3d, and findnearsprite3dvar</li>
            <li>added findnearactorz, findnearactorzvar, findnearspritez, and findnearspritezvar</li>
            <li>added WEAPON_FLAG_RESET (65536) to weapon system in order to properly emulate the chaingun and freezer</li>
            <li>fixed "eshoot" and added "ezshoot"</li>
            <li>reworked weapon system; note that your custom weapons may need adjustments to work again</li>
            <li>updated sample enhance.con</li>

        <p><br />Please see JonoF'
s JFDuke3D release notes <a href="">here</a> for information on features JFDuke3D shares with EDuke32</p>

                <address>Richard "TerminX" Gobeille (<a href=""></a>)</address>