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$ - Should be done soon!
> - Something to do eventually...
? - Is this really necessary?
B - Bug!


  Drawing bugs:
    Make all VESA buffer-modes work with multiple drawrooms per nextpage
    Fix off-by-1 line on top of face sprites
    Fix selector initialization bug in ves2.h
    Make sure visiblity works on really high slopes
    Fix precision and crashing for wallmost on high slopes - xcross?
    Screen capture at correct page
    Wall/Floor sprite sorting bugs

  Drawing ideas:
    Make auto-buffer mode turn off with setviewtotile?
    Make lo-detail mode go directly to screen without extra blit somehow?
    Replace getpalookup with buffer Use palookup option for completemirror or use setviewtotile for mirrors
    Allow non 90ΓΈ viewing ranges

  Movement issues:
    Pushmove for face sprites?
    Make clipmove/getzrange move through parallaxing skies

  Memory issues:
    Allocate sectors and walls dynamically at loadboard

  Speed issues:
    Optimize rotatesprite for weapons, and status bar
    Try fread/fwrite vs. read/write with buffer
    Make hlineasm4 work backwards
    Pre-cache solution - auto cache sprites somehow
    Mergeing optimization (redo in QB)

  Misc. issues:
    Do joining in network games
    Network - send null packets if no packets sent recently
    Split engine into separate modules - drawing, movement, utility

  Seems to corrupt tiles in the artfile after doing a palette grab
  Animation settings don't span art files
$ Tile moving across different art files
$ Make script-making function - F12 every tile and update capfil.txt
$ Offer patch file option after resorting in editart when quitting
> Warn if tile being deleted is used in maps - offer to change.
> Allow comments to be associated with a tile.
> When saving .ART, save to temp, rename, and delete, (int 21h-5ah,56h,41h)
? Screen still goes blank in 'V' mode sometimes with multiple tile files.
B Why doesn't F12 do anything sometimes?

  Goto sector/wall/sprite function
  New walls being added in BUILD should NEVER be masked or blocking
  2D map mode: section off areas to edit overlapping
! Undo
! Sector copy / paste auto-inserting for pasting inside sectors.
> The localtile variables get messed up with 'V' mode inserting/deleteing
> Make overlapping sectors not connect in weird ways
> Type tags in hex
> Print out global visibility in Build status bar
> Information screen (bitmap report, tag report)
> Fix warping in fine sector rotating
> Enter attributes with a menu

> Programming example such as deleting sectors, and other BUILD functions
> Fix bugs with fake network player windows.
> Fix message typing (for multiplayer games) when screen is weird sizes

> Make PROTOTYPES for functions in GAME.C in BUILD.H.
> Document all variables in BUILD.H

> Use multiple palettes other than palette.dat (command line?)
> Fancy shading for torches, flashlights, explosions, etc.
> Real lighting
? Multiple stories - (Not just: the fate of the universe depends on you)
? Add POLYTEX/CAVE stuff - true looking up/down
? Coded sprites for guns and menus