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// Assembly-language function wrappers for a.asm functions
// for the Build Engine
// by Jonathon Fowler (

#ifndef a_h_
#define a_h_

#include "compat.h"

#define A_C_RESTRICT __restrict

#ifdef LUNATIC

/** Definitions of high-precision integer types. **/
// Should be used for values that represent coordinates with which calculations
// like dot product are carried out. Substituting 32-bit ints for these will
// very likely yield issues in border cases:
typedef int64_t coord_t;
// Should be used for values that may overflow if 32-bit arithmetic were used,
// but where no other adverse effect (except being undefined behavior,
// obviously) is expected to result:
typedef int64_t inthi_t;

#if !defined(NOASM) && (defined(_MSC_VER) || (defined(__GNUC__) && defined(__i386__)))

#if defined __linux || defined __APPLE__ || defined EDUKE32_BSD || defined __SYLLABLE__
#define __cdecl

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"

extern int32_t __cdecl mmxoverlay();
extern int32_t __cdecl sethlinesizes(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setpalookupaddress(char *);
extern int32_t __cdecl setuphlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl hlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setuprhlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl rhlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setuprmhlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl rmhlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setupqrhlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl qrhlineasm4(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setvlinebpl(int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl fixtransluscence(int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl prevlineasm1(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl vlineasm1(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl vlineasm1nonpow2(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setuptvlineasm(int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl tvlineasm1(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl tvlineasm1nonpow2(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setuptvlineasm2(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl tvlineasm2(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl mvlineasm1(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl mvlineasm1nonpow2(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setupvlineasm(int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl vlineasm4(int32_t,char *);
extern int32_t __cdecl setupmvlineasm(int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl mvlineasm4(int32_t,char *);
extern int32_t __cdecl setupspritevline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl spritevline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl msetupspritevline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl mspritevline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl tsetupspritevline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl tspritevline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl mhline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl mhlineskipmodify(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl msethlineshift(int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl thline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl thlineskipmodify(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl tsethlineshift(int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl setupslopevlin(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl slopevlin(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl settransnormal();
extern int32_t __cdecl settransreverse();
extern int32_t __cdecl setupdrawslab(int32_t,int32_t);
extern int32_t __cdecl drawslab(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);
extern void __cdecl stretchhline(int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#else // !defined(NOASM) && (defined(_MSC_VER) || (defined(__GNUC__) && defined(__i386__)))

#include <stdint.h>

#define prevlineasm1 vlineasm1

void setvlinebpl(int32_t dabpl);
void fixtransluscence(intptr_t datransoff);
void settransnormal(void);
void settransreverse(void);

void sethlinesizes(int32_t logx, int32_t logy, intptr_t bufplc);
void setpalookupaddress(char *paladdr);
void setuphlineasm4(int32_t bxinc, int32_t byinc);
void hlineasm4(int32_t cnt, int32_t skiploadincs, int32_t paloffs, uint32_t by, uint32_t bx, intptr_t p);

void setupslopevlin(int32_t logylogx, intptr_t bufplc, int32_t pinc);
void slopevlin(intptr_t p, int32_t i, intptr_t slopaloffs, int32_t cnt, int32_t bx, int32_t by);

void setupvlineasm(int32_t neglogy);
int32_t vlineasm1(int32_t vinc, intptr_t paloffs, int32_t cnt, uint32_t vplc, intptr_t bufplc, intptr_t p);
void vlineasm4(int32_t cnt, char *p);

void setupmvlineasm(int32_t neglogy, int32_t dosaturate);
int32_t mvlineasm1(int32_t vinc, intptr_t paloffs, int32_t cnt, uint32_t vplc, intptr_t bufplc, intptr_t p);
void mvlineasm4(int32_t cnt, char *p);

void setuptvlineasm(int32_t neglogy, int32_t dosaturate);
int32_t tvlineasm1(int32_t vinc, intptr_t paloffs, int32_t cnt, uint32_t vplc, intptr_t bufplc, intptr_t p);

void setuptvlineasm2(int32_t neglogy, intptr_t paloffs1, intptr_t paloffs2);
void tvlineasm2(uint32_t vplc2, int32_t vinc1, intptr_t bufplc1, intptr_t bufplc2, uint32_t vplc1, intptr_t p);

void msethlineshift(int32_t logx, int32_t logy);
void mhline(intptr_t bufplc, uint32_t bx, int32_t cntup16, int32_t junk, uint32_t by, intptr_t p);

void tsethlineshift(int32_t logx, int32_t logy);
void thline(intptr_t bufplc, uint32_t bx, int32_t cntup16, int32_t junk, uint32_t by, intptr_t p);

void setupspritevline(intptr_t paloffs, int32_t bxinc, int32_t byinc, int32_t ysiz);
void spritevline(int32_t bx, int32_t by, int32_t cnt, intptr_t bufplc, intptr_t p);

void msetupspritevline(intptr_t paloffs, int32_t bxinc, int32_t byinc, int32_t ysiz);
void mspritevline(int32_t bx, int32_t by, int32_t cnt, intptr_t bufplc, intptr_t p);

void tsetupspritevline(intptr_t paloffs, int32_t bxinc, int32_t byinc, int32_t ysiz);
void tspritevline(int32_t bx, int32_t by, int32_t cnt, intptr_t bufplc, intptr_t p);

void setupdrawslab (int32_t dabpl, intptr_t pal);
void drawslab (int32_t dx, int32_t v, int32_t dy, int32_t vi, intptr_t vptr, intptr_t p);
void stretchhline (intptr_t p0, int32_t u, int32_t cnt, int32_t uinc, intptr_t rptr, intptr_t p);

void mmxoverlay();

#endif  // else

#endif // a_h_